Video Game Systems I Own and Have Owned

All the video game systems I have ever owned, I've never sold a single one.

List items

  • My very first handheld console. My strongest memory by far of this system is playing the Pokemon games.

  • My first home console. Much like with the Game Boy Color I only had few games for the system but it was still a major part of gaming for me growing up.

  • The Game Boy Advance was the first console which I really bought any great number of games for. I fondly remember my time playing Pokemon and Mario on the humble handheld.

  • One of the best Christmas presents I've received. Games like Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Melee were a blast to play. When I purchased a Wii I gave this console to my brother as a present.

  • Nintendo's "revolutionary" gaming system. I wouldn't call myself a Wii gamer but I think I've spent more time on Twilight Princess and Wii Sports than most.

  • Another very enjoyable handheld from Nintendo. Pokemon, Elite Beat Agents and Advance Wars have been some of my favourites.

  • A system with one of the best selections of games I've seen. I've spent many a joyous session with Halo 3, Fable II, Mass Effect and many more games.