Credit & Debit Card Terminals for Lowering Merchant Charges

Electronic Payment Terminal Types

There are numerous options available when it involves choosing the right credit/debit card processing terminal. It’s important to possess a secure, reliable, cost-effective merchant processing facility. Also as choosing the right terminal, backed with market-leading technology - it's important to possess a strong, comprehensive support structure. no matter your payment processing requirements, and whether one simple 'chip and pin' verified fixed terminal, or multi-site, multi-unit software and hardware solution is required, careful consideration and expert advice should be sought.s

Counter Top Terminals

These are ideal to be used in standard retail environments and are utilized in many retailers, the terminal features a large back-lit display and straightforward to use the clear keypad.

Portable Terminals

An ideal solution where the terminal is taken to the customer, for instance in restaurants and bars. A base unit controls multiple terminals and therefore the transaction is completed right ahead of the customer.

Virtual Terminals

These virtual terminals are powerful, but easy to use applications that allow the merchant to simply accept payment on any computer connected to the web, perfect for taking transactions for retailers that operate at different locations.

Mobile Terminals

A portable terminal which transacts the info securely over a phone signal via a mobile network SIM card. Any network SIM is often used counting on the signal strength in the main location. These are perfect for exhibitions, trade-shows, or field-based staff.

Mobile Phone Solutions

A software application is added to mobile to permit payment to be taken securely and quickly, no matter location. No terminal is required and therefore the customer is often automatically emailed a receipt directly from the system ideal for tradesmen, field staff, and mobile workers like taxi drivers, delivery staff, van sales, etc

Long/Short Range Terminals include the newest connectivity technology (3G, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IP, PSTN).


E-Commerce, or shopping on-line over the web is one of the fastest moving market sectors for card payment processing. There are various integrated solutions available which allow your company the power to simply accept payment securely over the web. These solutions allow a retailer to stay a 24-hour sales facility operational, also as opening up new markets around the world, or certainly farther afield.

There are a couple of important considerations to form, regardless if you've got an existing merchant account or are just looking to line up for the primary time. Make sure that your terminal choice suits the environment and therefore the application you would like to use it for. For instance, a hard and fast terminal isn't normally an honest choice in restaurants and bars, as customers wish to remain seated and therefore the waiter to bring the terminal to the table. Also worth bearing in mind that the majority terminals are rented or leased over a 3, four, or maybe five year period, so you'll be locking yourself certain a hard and fast period of your time.

A second, but equally as important consideration is who to transact your card payment processing with - also because the traditional high-street banks, there are other options available - often supplying you with the corporate to save lots of money on your merchant costs. It’s well worth trying to find cheap merchant services, instead of just assuming you're on the simplest deal, merchant savings are there to be had if you hunt!

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