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Sigma review 0

For my second review I have selected a stand-alone Playstation 3 title (at the moment in time), Xbox fans (*cringe*) may know some of the other titles from: Team Ninja, yes that’s correct, I’m going to be reviewing: Ninja Gaiden: Sigma(genre: action-adventure) ‘The evil dark dragon blade... A legendary sword, said to be carved out of the bones of a black dragon, it brought plague and death to the world during the age of ancient myth. It has been sealed by those of the dragon lineage since the...

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Motorstorm reveiw 0

Motorstorm Storyline –NA / 10 Unfortunately this title does not have an official story line. Game play- v  Single player – 8.9/10 Starting off on motorstorm there are stages / events called ‘tickets’, as a gamer this gives the feel that you are more involved in the race e.c.t.  Within these ‘tickets’ there are up to four challenges that you have to accomplish within certain vehicle choices that the event has to offer which could include vehicles from the pee-sized motor bikes up to the fer...

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