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Ahh Rejected.
What a hword.

I just got hella rejected on a bunch of submissions, no they werent garbage,
the main reason i think is because theyve been pending for about 5 or 6 days.
Yeah do the math.

Oh and LAWL
Im getting called a bad editor because of my edits. Like my Pokemon Red/Blue description that I made was much better then the blank void of what was there.
Of course this submission had epic pending, and before they bothered looking at mine, they looked at one that was sent much later then mine. Granted it was better, but its still not fair mine got pushed aside (along with numerous outher submissions of mine) for somebody elses.

So the person who looked at mine finally, didnt bother looking at the time I sent it in, but only saw that it wasnt as big as the previous one. So he said the reason it wasnt picked was because (he interpreted) I removed a bunch of information from the one there (the one submitted after mine). Very well done mod.

So I guess you can call me gameshark5,
garbage editor.
Good day.