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Fantastic Games

A list of great games that are easily reccomendable to the masses, no specific release time period.

List items

  • Super Mario Galaxy is a true jewel. It is a superb combination of new and old, classic and original Mario. Bringing back the simplicity of platforming and adding new twists such as gravitational pull and running 365 degrees around terrain make for one of Mario's greatest adventures in a while.

  • Too make an Okami is quite a simple formula. Take gorgeous Japanese art, and turn it into gorgeous, 3D cel-shaded graphics. Combine this with some fresh new gameplay tweaks, add a great story taking nearly 30 hours to complete, mix in some deep characters and some great enemies, landscapes and environments, and you have a fantastic game.

  • Grand Theft Auto IV has definetly proven itself to be a fantastic game. The top notch gameplay, story, controls, voice acting, animations, and well, the top notch everything has definetly surpassed what all gamers alike have expected from Rockstar's GTA series.

  • The Legend Of Zelda

    Twilight Princess

    is definetly one of the best Wii games out on the console so far. Its 40 hour length, great puzzles, fun gameplay and highly detailed environments all add up to one top notch game that will be remembered for years to come.

  • Mark Ecko's getting up

    presents something original for gamers. It tries to combine a few genres and for the most part its quite successful. The platforming aspects probably shine the best. Scaling large buildings by any means necessary is a rather fun experience. The combat is fun, and even if its not your thing you can sneak past encounters for the most part.

    Getting Up isnt just fun, its something fresh and original. Something that will definetly make people want to play.

  • Psychonauts is truly a spectacle to behold. Its tweaks and added features to the somewhat of a standard platforming formula all shine especially bright in the jewel that is Psychonauts. The story comes right from the mind of Tim Burton and its quite a good one at that. The original ideas and humor put into this game are bound to make any gamer jump for joy.