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Game Of The Year 2008


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  • Fallout 3 is one incredible game. It brilliantly combines a strong story you can mutate to your hearts content with fantastic gameplay, altered to something not seen before. It gives you realistic choices with perhaps even moreso realistic consequences that change the entire game, just as they would change life itself. Once you begin to play, you're going to fall in love with Fallout 3, it's just that simple.

    War may never change, but one thing thats for certain is that the video game industry is. We're constantly seeing change and evolution with each passing title. Fallout 3 is one of those games that has evolved so much and come so much farther then most of the titles gracing consoles this year. Though the final choice was rather difficult, Fallout 3 stands just ever so much taller then the rest of what 2008 had to offer.