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Not so long ago, the gaming industry realized that ordinary multiplayer shooters, such as CS: GO, can be made even more interesting and profitable, which is why projects like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 appeared, the game series of which was originally about the war, Battlefield, players which also originally fought in the realities of different wars, and the popular Overwatch with its prescribed history and original characters. Europe has occupied its niche in igrodele, releasing controversial, but enticing projects. But they are not the only European developers - Koreans, famous for their fantastic MMORPGs, decided to present to the world their vision of an online shooter, whose name is Ironsight.

Game Description

Ironsight is an online first-person shooter recently introduced to the world by Korean developer Neowiz Games, known for projects like League of Angels and Bless Online. In the field of shooters, this developer is not new to his CrossFire and now, taking into account the mistakes and advantages of the predecessor, they are releasing a more modernized shooter.

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The history of the world is not original. There is a world of the future with work and advanced technology, there are two rival military corporations — the North Atlantic Forces, or NAF, and the Energy Development Network, or EDEN. And each player needs to make a choice, which corporation is more to his liking and, accordingly, fight in her name.

In style, the game resembles a mixture of Call of Duty: Modern Warface with its Black Ops’s - the same dynamic gameplay in a futuristic world, but with a share of sound ideas. Similar game modes, such as 5 by 5, where one team should plant a bomb with another, a standard battle of all with everyone, as well as an original mode to capture a point. The team that captures and holds more points on the map in each round wins.

Similarly implemented resource capture mode. Capture targets appear randomly. Like the players who were not lucky enough to grab an enemy bullet - therefore, camping tactics are difficult to implement here, which only goes to the treasury of good ideas. A plus for the game is also a large number of cards - about twenty, each with its own characteristics, pluses and minuses.

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The graphics even allow relatively weak computers of six-seven years ago to pull the game at the minimum settings, because it is not particularly demanding and not particularly original. Nevertheless, which is commendable for Koreans, people here are like real people, guns are like real guns - all without excessive gigantism like on A pleasant color scheme in gray-blue tones allows us to believe that you really are in a high-tech world without bad quality elements. What is really original is the dynamic weather changes right on the battlefield, which happens thanks to the Iron Engine. It allows the game to demonstrate a realistic destruction system and allows the inclusion of many graphic elements such as pixel-by-pixel lighting and the Bloom effect.

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In the main menu the player is met by his character and the system of daily tasks for all sorts of interesting buns. There is no class system - it all depends on the equipped weapons, but there is a rich character customization system. Sex, hairstyle, even accessories - everything is selectable and customizable.

But not the main thing is customization. The main thing is the guns. A wide choice between rapid-fire and mobile, powerful and long-range with all the advantages and disadvantages allows you to find your role on the battlefield. There is a weapon modernization system, which is presented quite skillfully - the more a player uses one look, the more body kits are opened for him. But the game does not shine with the variety of types of weapons themselves. Several submachine guns, several shotguns, several machine guns and sniper rifles, even fewer pistols.

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There are also several types of active and passive perks, such as a silent step or calling a drone. This is of greater interest. Perhaps, the main feature of Ironsight with drones is the reward system for killings, or killstrikes. You can get it not only for killing, but also for other more original activities on the battlefield. There is a killstring scale, by filling in which the player has the opportunity to call one of the many drones for faster killing of the enemy. Here there are grenade drones, which themselves are looking for the enemy and explode under his feet, and the accompanying drone supporting the fire, it is even possible to hide his carcass in a huge robot with no less huge guns. You can call an airstrike or highlight opponents on the radar, you can call a blinding drone - there are a lot of tactical implementations. It is only necessary to accumulate a sufficient number of killstrick points and begin to wreak havoc on the map.

What is the result

Ironsight is a rather interesting and uncomplicated shooter that provides original gameplay with its system of battle drones, undemanding donation and balance of weapons. For those tired of copying each other's shooters eyes, their Korean counterpart, with the title of promising, will be an excellent solution for a couple of evenings or even for a longer time.

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