Imperial Hero 2. Review of the Game

Who do you prefer to become? Brave warrior, whose destiny is heroic feats and battles. Or will you become a “gentleman of fortune” and a robber, terrorizing the local population and robbing merchants? Or maybe you like the more relaxed life of a merchant engaged in business?

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Imperial Hero 2 in its genre is close to the classic role-playing computer games. You are given complete freedom in the development and leveling of the character. The choice of class, specialization and equipment the developer left at your discretion, which allows you to blind your own hero.

Your adventure begins in a small settlement with an empty wallet. You will need to assemble a team of allied characters, as well as stock up with good weapons to continue your journey. You have to explore the vast universe, teeming up and down countless evil offspring, hungry for your death. And how bohemia glass is gaining popularity around the world.

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Which path will you choose? Will you use your sword to clear dreadful dungeons from horrible creatures? Or would you prefer to become a gangster and empty other people's wallets and carts? Or will you create things to follow up on their implementation? The choice is yours.

The first steps in the Imperial Hero 2

Everyone who visits the game, registers, begins his journey from the small village where he appears. There is nothing in the pocket, only air is behind, no weapons, no armor, legs and arms only. We'll have to unwind, performing various tasks. Then you will be able to properly purchase weapons, equipment, armor and get colleagues and comrades that will not abandon you in trouble. You are waiting for the most unusual docking, fighting, and all this in large quantities. Each fight will be accompanied by adrenaline emotions. You can be the savior of the world that flooded creatures and gloomy creatures.

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With a great desire, you can think of new and powerful products, then sell them to other players, while earning yourself improvements. You can devote yourself to battles, seize the Desert Lands, control the mighty castles somewhere in the provinces. You can even become a robber, the type of pirates. Capture merchants, attack caravans with something expensive inside, well, become the most dangerous hero. Here you can become anyone, a good hero, bad, neutral, anything your heart desires.

Develop in the Imperial Hero II

The first, and perhaps most basic, thing you have to do is create your character. In Imperial Hero 2 there are a lot of blanks of shapes (I don’t want to choose), avatars and other stuff that is related to the appearance of the hero. Anything from hair, to shoes, or whatever you want. In any case, if you get tired of the appearance of the main character, you can always change the appearance with the help of the character editor.

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Now let's look at the classes, there are only three of them here, but they are radically different from each other. First on the list is Warrior. His features in power and strength, he is ready to go on direct contact with the enemy, right in the forehead. This character has an inherent large supply of health and a powerful blow, but he is not fast enough like the other guys. Be prepared for the fact that you will always be at the forefront of the battle, if you like to go to the break, then the warrior is your character.

Ranger. It is a cross between a warrior and a Mystic (more about him later). This hero likes to stay in the shadows more, preferring shooting. But in open battle, he can also show himself in the best light. With his health to and with the position of this top, somewhere average. If you improve his abilities, it is better to pay attention to this point, but only if you often enter into open skirmishes.

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Last on the list is Mystic. You can describe it in one word - stealth. He does not engage in open battle, but attacks from a distance. Always in the shade and very good at using it, you never know which side he can attack from. Often has poor health, so a couple of hits and he cover.

If you have additional skills, you can get them thanks to the development of such professions: robber, murderer, scout and so on. Although there is not such a large range of pumping options, they are not really needed, because the toy has all the properties worthy of MMORPG.

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Adventures are already starting

After all of the above, I want to explain what awaits the gamer in battle. Here, the combat system is calculated according to the “strike / block” principle, and whether you win or lose will depend on your equipment, its reliability and level of pumping. Here and do not go to the fortuneteller, it will be clear to everyone, the winner will be the one who chooses the equipment carefully, improves both the characteristics of his character and looks after the level of the strength of his equipment. You can get everything quickly and without pain - zadonatite denezhek and tear everyone on the battlefield. You can choose a different method and pump over gradually, it will take time, but the result will not be long in coming. There is already a player to choose what to do.

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Сonclusion of the Game

Imperial Hero 2, in general, is a good MMORPG, in its spirit close to the classic role-playing school. Journey through the vast world and battles with numerous opponents will not let you get bored.

Fans of the genre, no doubt, will appreciate Imperial Hero 2 and will enjoy its amazing atmosphere and exciting gameplay.

The game has its own highlights, which is good. Graphic design is adequately shown, as well as musical accompaniment. Enjoy and do not deny yourself anything.

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