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Other worlds a new online game that can capture everyone who enters, from the first minutes penetrating the mind and heart. In the web of the virtual world, you will find your interest, discover the possibilities of witchcraft, the ability of a brave war and the tamer of animals, a dark magician or just a person. None of the free mmorpg has yet announced itself so loudly, had so many fans and players. Huge game worlds, changing locations, bizarre monsters that protect deposits of jewelry and priceless artifacts, the most treasured MMORPG figurines. Looking for interesting role-playing free online games?

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Try it and you will plunge into the fabulous world of this browser game. Once you enter the world of online Internet games, do not forget there is no turning back! get ready to conquer a world in which the stigma is online games, its soldiers are honored and remembered, heroes are remembered forever and legends about beautiful princesses are written. However, do not think that this time may be wasted the browser-based Internet game is not only exciting, but also develops logic, intuition, helps to find new friends, become interested in something new and interesting.


The plot of the game is to save the world from 4 huge monsters who want to take control of 4 elements of the world: fire, water, wind and earth, as well as capture Crystal Ondel, ensuring the existence of this world. First, the player will immediately have to go through a training battle, and after reaching level 2, several classes of abilities open, such as a barbarian, monk, guard, and mystic, each of which have specific skills and parameters.

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Uniting in clans or alone, the player will participate in battles with virtual and real opponents, capture the monster's den or defend his possessions, thereby increasing the experience and strength of his character. One of the advantages of the game is the economic side: players can trade with each other, invest, earn game money, find treasures and artifacts, obtain resources for sale, and much more.

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The game takes place in a fantasy world threatened by the complete destruction of 4 huge monsters. Their goal is to take control of the elements of the world: fire, water, earth and wind, capture the Crystal Ondel the cornerstone that provides this world with existence. The player will have to defend him on the side of one of the elements, competing with representatives of others for the title of world liberator. At the very beginning of the game, the user will have the first training battle. At the 2nd level, the player opens classes of abilities, there are 4 of them: a barbarian (dealing damage), a monk (healer), a guard (developing defense) and a mystic (manipulating life energy).

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Each of them has specific skills, each skill has 4 parameters: power, energy, recharge and the required level.

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The opportunity to earn money is presented in “Other Worlds” by providing professions: herbalist, fisherman, prospector and lumberjack. By extracting resources and making various useful objects from them, players can trade both with each other and at auction. Each user can also organize his own clan or join one of the existing ones. A clan can wage wars with rivals, capture fortresses and defend them, conclude peace agreements and enter into alliances with other clans. The opportunity provided by the game to enter into virtual marriages between characters deserves special attention. Cons: lack of content and rare updates.


Other worlds is the only online RPG of its kind, combining the best qualities and traditions of the mmorpg genre and an interesting story, with hundreds of intricate quests and interesting tasks. In this world you will undoubtedly find worthy rivals, loyal friends and, possibly, devoted love that has passed all tests from violent fights with dragons, to the tangled labyrinths of magical forests and fairy mountains. Do not be surprised that an ordinary browser-based online game, an ordinary gray and boring world turns into an unusual and bewitching adventure, an adventure through an unknown country of monsters and knights, kings and villains, princesses and sorcerers.

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