Vikings: War of Clans - game review

In Vikings: War of Clans, you need to control the village, direct your warriors to raids, and reach the highest class in the nobility. In the beginning you only have a ruined village. You rebuild it and train your warriors viking style, they will be more resistant and able to fight off your rivals - either by attacking them or robbing, as a real Viking should be!

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However, the main task for Vikings: War of Clans are not robberies. This also includes taking care of your village, teaching new techniques to improve the capabilities of warriors, and the ability to control them. If you do not have enough people, then add hired warriors who will definitely facilitate your fight. Whichever way you choose, the defeated enemy will tremble on your behalf!

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The basis of the plot, as a rule, is considered an honorable place of the leader of his city. And for this it is necessary to develop the resource base, expand and expand the army, reinforcing everything with might and prudence.

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Being a warrior is half the battle, but the ability to negotiate, to enlist the support of friends-neighbors is a necessity, you never know what might happen. And of course, as without war. Here this craft is given a lot of attention. The highlight is the complete destruction of the enemy, in the literal sense, it can be erased from the map, divided into small parts, or make work for you the rest of your life. There is already choosing a gamer to your taste.

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Initially, this project was developed for mobile phones. After traveling the game on various platforms, she finally moved to the PC. The most interesting thing is that she has not lost her freshness and uniqueness. One of the interesting facts is that the initial stages of the game were attended exclusively by the Russian language. Then it was decided to increase the boundaries and translate into different languages.

Explosive characteristics:

  • Competition with other villages
  • Economics and Resource Management
  • Technological research

Despite the fact that the Plarium team does not exist for a relatively long time, it was able to release a lot of interesting applications and hits. In addition, the company develops games for most of the world's leading flagships. Today we will talk about the successful creation of this studio called Vikings: War of Clans. What is she like?

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Multiplayer strategy that takes gamers in the Middle Ages. The player will be in one of the many kingdoms where Scandinavian tribes live. They are famous for their courage and bravery, they are afraid and respected, because they can always fight back. For a successful campaign, you need to do a lot, go through a bunch of tests, defeat an infinite number of enemy squads.

For a comfortable stay, the guys from the studio Plarium recommend using the following tips:

At the beginning of the game you should pay attention to the resources, they play a significant role, since in the future everything will be built on the extraction and sale of everything useful.

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Before you go on the attack, it is worth checking out those kingdoms whose owners have not visited them for a long time. Tricky way to make it easy to win without much loss and with a good profit.

  • One way to easily win is to send scouts to detect enemy troops in the weakening stage. The smart solution is resources in your pocket.
  • Do not forget that the game contains not exhaustive tasks, the passage of which brings good prizes.
  • One of the important chips is the hero pumping. First comes the army build-up, then the study of skills.
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If you have thoughts that you need to conquer the world right here and now, then everything will fail with a crash. Is it worth it to hurry somewhere, if for a fight you just need resources, and for the initial level they are not so easy to find. It means everything will start from the fact that you will fight with the clans of your level.

Conclusion - a lot of steal does not work. You should not go where you will lose everything in one fell swoop. Let the road be long and thorny, but worth it. First, we build a base, replenish the piggy bank with resources, for them we get upset, and gradually increase the number of the army. Then we proceed to invisible but lucrative raids, we conquer settlements, for which we obtain improvements and bonuses. Easy calculation leads to good enrichment. In such a situation, it is strongly recommended not to lose your head, otherwise the enemy will immediately take advantage of this, taking everything accumulated to the last penny. It will be insulting to horror.

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