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A great expansion pack that has a lot of great features. 0

Gameplay The gameplay in the Sims: unleashed is really great, it has new gameplay features that increase the replay value for the game. The main new feature for the game is pets that you can get in the new old town. Old town increases the size of the neighbourhood from the old games. Old town includes: pet stores, a farmer's market, and shopping centres. Unleashed adds new gardening features to The Sims. You can buy and place farmland plots in your backyard, buy a scarecrow, and plant crops, if ...

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A good guitar hero game but a little over-priced. 0

Gameplay The gameplay in guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80s is very similar to the other guitar heroes. The game modes are career, quick play, multiplayer what are co-op where someone plays lead and the other plays bass as all the songs are bass songs and the last multi-player mode is pro face off and in that mode you and another player plays the same song on the difficulty and both have the same amount of notes. The last mode is training what includes tutorials what hasn’t changed since the firs...

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One of the best FPS you will ever play. 1

Gameplay The gameplay in Halo is one of the best you will see ever in a game. In halo you play through the eyes of a character known as the Master Chief. The combat in Halo is challenging and never gets old because the enemy AI is so good that the enemies react in a lot of different ways depending on the situation. If there's a vehicle nearby, they might get into it. If you blast a volley of glass shards at them from the needler or if their shields are low, they'll likely run behind a rock a...

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