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A Remarkable, if Flawed Experience 0

The Assassin's Creed series has always been a point of discussion. The highly detailed historical settings have kept fans craving each installation, while technical problems and strange game play decisions have always kept the series from perfection. Assassin's Creed 3 is more of the same, and while many of the ideas at play are creative, it's the implementation of these ideas that falls flat.From its opening moments playing as a new character in franchise fiction, one thing is made very clear, ...

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Hong Kong Playground 0

I'm a huge fan of Cantonese film. My favorites being Exiled and A Better Tomorrow, Sleeping dogs found it's way into my heart real fast. Its mix of hand to hand action, some average third person shooting, solid driving and races, and tons of things to collect is just what I needed to fill my open world fix. What set's Sleeping Dogs apart from the pack though is its style. Inspired by real life Hong Kong and the crime movies that take place there, Sleeping Dogs has a real sense of place. Walk the...

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A great copy of a great game. 0

Look you know CS:GO. You met a long time ago in office lan parties, and ever since then you fallen into one of the two groups that go with it. Those who play CS and those that don't. I'm a fan of CS, seeing as how I spent hundreds of hours playing in highschool, most of which was on a 24/7 offices server with friends. This new CS packs all the fun and skill associated with CS into a much better looking and smoother package. The core gameplay hasn't changed, and that's for the better seeing as ho...

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A Slow-Mo Drama 0

While not the most innovative game I've ever played MP3 is still a fun and rewarding game on both the singleplayer and multiplayer fronts. True to form the game has all the blood, bullets, and slow-mo we expect from the Max Payne series, while abandoning the noir graphic novel style of story telling used by the previous two entries. This isn't an issue however because the new visual style fits well with the more dramatic and cinematic tone of the game. The controls feel as tight and precise as y...

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