Thanks for being a dick Bobby Kotick

 In 2005 i decided that EA was evil. Pure evil. They'd swallowed whole my two favourite game development companies as a child, Bullfrog and Westwood Studios, denying me Dungeon Keeper 3 and maybe a few more games from the Theme or Populous series. From then on i'd avoided EA's games where i could and since Medal of Honor took a nose dive i became a Call of Duty fan boy and then a Warcraft fan boy (after being introduced to the series by my brother).
Needless to say, as everyone knows, Activision's mask slipped and Bobby Kotick drove Activision into EA's parking spot which was clearly labelled "reserved for bastards and greedy scumlickers", which opened my eyes.

Due to this whole vissage of EA previously being the most hated company in the games industry, i'd always disregarded alot of games which they'd published simply because it had the EA logo on the front apart from the Battlefield series; what a totally ignorant thing of me to do i know, but i feel i have missed out on quite a few games since 2005. At the beginning of this year i opened up and purchased Mass Effect 2 and Dragon's Age and it hit me that just because the publisher was previously an ass, it didn't automatically make the developers asses aswell.
So thanks for being a dick Bobby Kotick and educating me in the ways of the world and how a seemingly nice company can turn into a money-hungry monster at the click of a finger.

Anyhow, what games may i have missed which were published by EA which were actually of very good quality? I was looking at grabbing Burnout Paradise but... what about Need for Speed... and everything else?