Grinding N3

So I got Ninety-Nine Nights back from a friend, and I thought to myself: "Hey, self, let's go get the achievements here, there aren't THAT many of them to get." 
This was a bad idea. 
It turns out that after my first 360 RROD'd on me I had not moved my N3 save file over. So I load the game up and have no saves, but all the characters are unlocked and my mission ranks are saved. This was a bit strange, it seems that those are stored in the user's profile and not in the game save data...  
Anyways, the last achievement is 200G and the description is "Get all characters to level 9", but what it REALLY means is "Get all characters to level 9 and beat every mission while level 9". So that's cute. Now I had previously made some progress on this, but I can't find ANYWHERE that will tell me which missions I've beaten at level 9 and which I haven't, so now I get to start from scratch...  

It's quite grind-tastic, I'm done with Inphyy and I'm on Dingbat right now. Almost done with him and then 4 more characters to grind to level 9 :(  
As a side note, I really love some of the names of locations in the game, Varrrrrrrvvvvazzzar! Makes me feel like a pirate!