How to Delete Instagram Comments?

How to Delete Instagram Comments?

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the biggest social media networks in the market, with 26.9 million users worldwide. People use Instagram to share photos and videos in different forms. You can post those content on your profile, or choose to add them on your Story, which is visible for 24 hours. You can also add longer videos on its subdivision called IGTV that stands for Instagram TV. You can enrich your content with tons of filters or various add-ons like location indicator, mini-surveys, ask-me-boxes, countdowns, and even mini-quizzes.

As you can see, Instagram offers a lot for its users. Hence, people spend hours on the platform, scrolling down their feeds to see what their friends are sharing. It might be time-consuming for some, but for most people, it is fun to use and an excellent way to kill some free time. If you are not feeling like sharing something new about you, view what your friends are doing, give their posts a like and leave a comment.

But sometimes things can go wrong. You can incidentally like a post while viewing it, and feel regretful. Or you can leave a negative comment or a comment with lots of typos under a post and then feel bad about it. The good news is it is effortless to take the like back by double-tapping on the post again. But the bad news is the owner of the post may receive a notification even though you took it back. And for the comments, it might not be easy to understand how to delete unwanted comments at first.

So how to delete Instagram comments? The method is actually quite easy, whether it is your comment or someone else’s comment under your post. Just spot the comment you want to delete and spot the trash bin icon next to it, at the right side. Tap on the trash icon to delete the comment successfully.

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That’s it! It is really easy to delete unwanted Instagram comments. Just keep in mind that it should belong to you or your post. We are glad to help you out. Thank you for reading.

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