Giant Bomb Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

Ground Zeroes

After a five year stint here in South Siterica, it's finally safe to say we've established a solid ground here. Despite of some uncovered problems, Mother Base is fully operational than ever before. The San GF Incident seems like it belongs in a bygone era now. In fact when I think of it, it was rather - uneventful.

Paz inclusion in our paranetizen force seems like a refreshing welcome. For she embodies hope - promises a new innocent face to our hostile site. And with her, we hoped for a chic new layout, better user interface, and overall a better community. But it never did occur to us that she was a traitor. We defeated Paz and Meta Bug Zeke but Zeke's attack on Mother Base has left it full of bugs and glitches. We lost one of our radical feature, which was the Union. It made some of our men are angry. Our morale was low but we were still functional.

Word has gotten that Paz is still alive out there. We sent in our prominent members to investigate but lost contact with them. They never did returned.

And then there was the upcoming mods and devs inspection. It made us nervous but it also made us hopeful(again) that maybe things can still be fixed. They'll be at Mother Base in an hour or so but meanwhile, Big Boss was sent to infiltrate Camp Omega and perhaps return Paz to us. The operation was successful. We got some of our men returned and Big Boss manage to snag Paz. He is set to return now.

Then the real nightmare began. The inspection was just a front for an assault to Mother Base. The "inspection" team riddled it with bombs and bullets, bugs and indifference. Lost a lot of our men. We fought back. I was in the forums center, radioeing for help but it seems no one responded. Maybe they had us jammed. The lost of our review database was the final straw as I decided to join with others as we proceed to retreat from Mother Base via aerial extraction. We never knew what happened to Big Boss. Last thing I saw was a guided missile tailing our chopper. Explosions and then I blacked-out.

(To be continued on GBS V: The Phantom Ban)

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