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This is what happens when you put shadows, mirrors, and fate together. 0

Here's the gist, MoF has decent gameplay and if not a few awesome little moments here and there but the game sadly lacks spirit. Castlevania is a broken mirror of its former self and the previous handheld installments has cast a large shadow upon this game.Castlevania's story has never been prime. It has always been putting a stake in Dracula's heart. The premise is simple but the combat and platforming are what makes this series fun. In MoF, the gameplay feels a lot like God of War. It's not n...

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A dungeon crawler that caters to veterans and newcomers alike. 0

This latest EO installment is a refreshing remake of the first game of the series. It takes cue on the previous installments while adding new mechanics of its own - making it a good 3ds dungeon crawler you could waste your time on.New to the series is the ability to choose two gaming modes - story mode and classic mode. Classic mode is as every bit as what EO is. Here, you're given the freedom to create a guild and units out of scratch. Story mode is more of a traditional RPG. While you'll only ...

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