Mega Uber Update

Wow, when was the last time since I did a real blog? Months, years, decades? Nah, probably just a couple months, but I've still been around, and actually writing something meaningful and pressing the 'New Blog Post' button is a hard task. Anyway, I have done, and played a lot in the last few months so lets get things started, in bullets! : P
-School finished nearly a month ago now, and I must say that I enjoyed my sophomore year in High School. Sure, CAPT tests sucked (Basically the Regional tests but for Connecticut) and my course load was somewhat hard, but I finished the year with a 3.7 GPA. Plus, I got a 98 on my Biology Final, which is always great.

-Got Tom Clancy's Double Agent from Goozex, and played it for about a week, and then sold it once more. The game itself was enjoyable, but the Splinter Cell series has fallen from that mystique, and I'm glad that Ubisoft is giving the series a face lift. But I seriously hope and wish that the multiplayer and co-op from Caos Therory will be in the new installment. Plus, I'm with Vinny on the bet that Night Vision goggles will be worn by Sam Fisher in the next game.

-Got Mirrors Edge from Goozex, and once again, I agree with Vinny from this week's Bombcast. The game is really short, and the time that I spent with it were mostly of frustration from my wanting of the achievement in which you do not use one gun in the game. I lost most of the thoughts of originality when I played it, as if the game videos could suffice for actually playing the game. Kind of regret getting it.

-Got NHL 09 from Goozex. I seriously thought this would be the game that would get me to playing sports games. That thought was false though, as my problem with all sports games came up, I fucking suck at them. I see myself as a good gamer, someone who can pick up a game, and play, but I seriously just can not play sports games. With NHL 09, I could not get a single goal, with the shooting system driving me mad. I tried every position on the ice, but it did not help, I finally just said, 'Eh, fuck this' and put the game back in it's case, never to be played again, and to always be there, so that I never buy another sports game, ever again.

-Got Battlefield 1943, and guess what, it's a Battlefield game. I loved Battlefield 2 on the PC, and wasted a good year on that game, but with this, I got hooked again, and then stopped playing once I got all the achievements. I enjoyed my time with the game, but to have fun in it, it requires that you have friends playing with you. I got the game day one, slogged through the problems with the servers, and now that they're fixed, I barley play it anymore.

-Got Secret of Monkey Island SE, which is amazing. My first real point and click game, and I loved every minute of it. The writing was brilliant, and the puzzles were tons of fun to figure out. I liked the fact that the hint system was in there, so I did not have to get out of the game and go to a FAQ, but the problem that arose was that it was hard not to just figure the puzzles out on my own, as it was so easy just to press the 'X' button. The graphics looked great, and Ioved the feature of going back to the old art style, but some the art looked a little wonky in the modern day version espeically that of Guy Brush. Still though a great game, and have played it twice, and got all the achievements out of it.

-And most recently, I bought Splosion Man. Splosion Man has been on my radar for sometime now, and 'WOW' was I right about this game. It's a unique and great platformer that has a great sense of humour. I finished the first third of the levels, and I have enjoyed my time thouroughly with it. The achievements seem to be a little hard, especially finding all the cakes in the multiplayer, but if anyone want's to go through it with me, hit me up. Splosion is highly reccomeneded.

-For my AP US History class, I have to read three books over the summer. Right now I'm on the biggest book called the Glorious Cause, which is basically a history textbook, with a page count of 758 pages. Its a very slow read, and at times downright boring. I find myself twice now, just skipping a chapter as I knew that the information was trivial, and just decided to move on. Now, it is slowly getting better, as the Boston Masacre  was just dicussed, meaning that the war is slowly approaching. The other books are around two hundred pages each, meaning I can finish them in less then a week.

That's about it so far with my summer. I just sold Resident Evil 5 over Goozex, and am getting Bionic Commando and Star Wars Republic Commando in the mail too soon. Have a great summer, and I will be doing another update before September and school starts. I promise.