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Sex has never dropped in popularity so I'll just guess that yes, there's a big market for it.

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Outskirts of Bergen, Norway

Fiber 500mb/500mb | 57.97usd | no cap.
Includes internet, cable TV, and phone.

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I've seen some good people fall prey to this so I can only assume there's some influential person, or group somewhere, that's spouting all the right buzz words (China, Tencent, communism, spying, exclusivity etc) to make a targeted group of consumers very mad at developers having the choiceto gamble on a new platform.
Or at least that's my ten cents.

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The Souls games already have difficulty levels. When you hit start you're technically playing on the lowest difficulty - and like many other games, you unlock higher difficulty levels as you go; NG+1, +2, +3 etc.

If the game was easier from the start I feel I'd lose out of amazing streams like Jeff eating a sandwich while playing Dark Souls, in which you see a fine, superbly mature man first dick around in the game and then 50+ streams later, against all the naysayers, manage to do the impossible.
I dare say Load Our Last Souls here on GB would be kinda boring if you didn't know they were playing on the "default" difficulty setting.

If you absolutely think the Souls games would be more fun on "easy mode", get one of them PC and try it with cheat engine. I think it sounds ruinous BUT a friend of mine is enjoying Sekiro with endless healing items only. They still die all the time but at least some of the difficulty has been lifted.

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Nothing plays like Warframe and it'll potentially make all other shooters seem slow and bland.
The shooting is actually fantastic, the movement is beyond anything else, and it's stylish to boot.

Destiny can not compare - it's a completely different game. One that might put Warframe fans to sleep before you finish the droning tutorial. But hey, some might like the slower, controlled pace of Destiny. It's all good, enjoy your thing, Warframe is free and trying it won't hurt anyone - except maybe yourself and your spare time if you get super into it.

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I'm kinda losing interest BUT, BUT, It's cool to see fans of this style of game so into it.
Capcom is releasing such quality lately which I'm stoked about.
It's not my style of game, I don't like this action type, so I wasn't expecting it to pull me in like the previous one did. Where I think the setting is what sold me on it - along with Noisia's OST.

My partner LOVES the "cheese" of DmC5, especially the reading poetry mid-battle to power up, so I can at least enjoy their enjoyment of it. I have to say though, the environments are kinda bland. But I guess it's not what you're supposed to focus on in this kind of game.

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I want a doggie chew-toy version. ∪・ω・∪

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Those are very different games, as pointed out.

I LOVE Astroneer, ever since pre-alpha I've been dreaming along with the devs and have played
so many hours of 1.0+ with my partner.
BUT I can't speak for it as a solo game since a lot of what I enjoy is creating funny solutions
and sweet base layouts to shock and awe my partner - while they go out and haul back materials for me to research and mess with.
That's our general loop. Sometimes I make huge drills and burrow my way from one end of the planet to another.
You kinda end up creating your own fun. I don't know how long it would hold single player appeal.

As far as I know, Astroneer is limited to one galaxy, with 5 planets and 2 moons.
I don't know about their DLC plans, if any. If playing alone you will be alone, there's not
a single creature (afaik) wandering any of those planets besides you.

NMS has no limit to planets or creatures, so there's that. I tried really hard to get into it,
I try with every major update. It just never hooks me so I can't speak to its strengths or weaknesses.

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I for one welcome the possibility of a streaming future.
I'd still like for physical or downloadable copies to be an alternative however.