It's been a dusty year for consoles here, the PS3 has seen some action and gets my GOTY - otherwise it's been all PC.

List items

  • Like the title said, it's a journey.

  • It's beautiful, it's cute, it's sexy, it's HUGE, and it also sports the best MMORPG combat system to date; and just like Die Antwoord, it makes the competition appear bland and boring.

  • For the first time ever I felt like Sisko aboard the USS Defiant struggling against insurmountable odds. A short but amazing experience.

  • If you're a Hong Kong cinema fan this game is fantastic. Great soundtrack too!

  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. This game made August special.

  • Something about this gaming experience made me froth and twitch and want to do cocain... these are marvelous qualities for a game.

  • Endless spacey entertainment.

  • A fun video game, with robots and butt stallion.

  • Released in 2012 for the PC. I never got to experience the Xbox version and this game's atmosphere is palpable.

  • A welcome return. Also first strategy game I've played through and through with a Xbox controller.

  • Fuck you guys, this game is great!