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One Step Forward , Two Steps Back 1

The most conflicted i've ever felt about game i've put more than 100 hours into (685+ at time of writing) the list of things i hate about this game is almost as long as the list of things i love about this game. my hope is future patches could rectify some issues i have with it (namely crafting and durability system and it's myriad problems). But as for the future of this series i honestly can't say whether i'm excited or nervous. if they learn the right lessons from what people didn't like abou...

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This thing exists to sell Amiibos and that's about it. 0

When this game was announced at E3 this year no one i saw was excited to play it. Who could blame them? It looked like it existed purely to push amiibo's.And yeah that's pretty much it. The game is incredibly dull and simple. Like a Mario Party without minigames that repeats itself far more often.Oh sure there are some games to unlock past the main board game but none of them are fun or substantial. The board game the main crux of the game is painfully slow. Even if you put a 30 minute timer on...

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