I Just Bought a Vita

This may have been a mistake, but after wanting to play Persona 4 Golden for so long, my resolve finally broke and I purchased a Playstation Vita on Amazon. I definitely didn't have the money for it, only making the purchase thanks to my tax return. That's not to say it was really all that expensive. I got it used, and also bought with a memory card (in case the used one does not come with it) and the game for 200 bucks total.

This is old news, but holy shit are those memory cards overpriced. I bought a 4 gigabyte one for 25 fucking dollars. And double the space was double the price. I figured that for now, I just needed to be able to save my game, so 4 gigs would have to do. Hopefully the used one comes with a memory card of its own, since the listing didn't say it didn't come with one. If that's the case, I'll be able to download all the Vita games I bought on accident while looking for stuff to buy on PS3 over the years. That store is really bad at separating Vita stuff from the rest of it. Sigh.

I made the mistake of buying a few more games for it, which is a mistake because I shouldn't have blown so much money on this thing, but also because the games I bought are long titles that will eat up almost as many hours as Persona will. I bought a copy of Tales of Hearts R, being a fan of the series and never having the ability to play that one. Yeah, a second long-ass JRPG to murder my time with.

The other game I bought was the newly released Steins;Gate 0, a sequel of sorts to the original visual novel that I adore. It was on sale on amazon for 25$, and I knew I'd want to play it eventually, so I went ahead and did that deed, too. For those of you who don't know, Steins;Gate is one of the greatest visual novels ever released (in my opinion, though I'm not alone in that belief) which also received a critically acclaimed and successful anime adaptation, too. It's a truly brilliant story, themed around consequences, both for your actions, and for trying to fix your mistakes. I have not seen the anime, so I don't know how closely it follows the story of the visual novel, but if you don't have 30+ hours to spend on a (fucking excellent) story, that might be the way to experience it.

That was a digression, but an important one, I think. Anyway. I bought a Vita and it was probably a bad decision but I'm really looking forward to it anyway. That's all!