Games I Played in 2016

This list exists so I don't forget and stuff. You know. And stuff.

List items

  • I'm not sure if I played this late last year or early this year. I think it was early this year. Either way, it wasn't on last year's list and it totally deserves a spot here even if I did play it last year.

    This visual novel was an amazing experience while playing it, and has only grown on me more and more as time has passed. Playing other "cerebral" VN experiences like VLR this year has also shown me that it's very easy to get that experience wrong for me. It's a razor's edge, and Steins;Gate balances on that edge perfectly for the entire experience, never once even threatening to slip off the side. One of the best, if not THE best, visual novels I have ever played.

  • This is a really, really solid RPG. It's great. It's super great. I love this game.

    It's visually pleasing, and the solution they came up with for "fuuuuuuuuck, Tokyo has a lot of people in it" of making average citizens into colored silhouettes looks rad.

    The session system made every single fight enjoyable, and the game kept adding new little things along the way every now and then tomake things interesting.

    There were some genuinely challenging fights, but the game never felt unfair or impossible.

    Overall a well-balanced, good-looking, well-acted and well-executed JRPG.

  • Sunk too many hours into this thing. What a great game.

    Looking forward to the multiplayer, as I spent enough time with it that I'll have trouble going back to it without that twist on it.

  • I have a few issues with this game, but I also had a good enough time playing it with friends for it to make the cut here.

  • This game is just so obviously rad. The music is fantastic (obviously) the concept of the game is sweet (obviously) and the game itself is super fun (obviously.)

  • This game was better than I expected it to be. It held my interest throughout its entire campaign (for the most part) and actually goes anime-crazy with its story, which was hilarious to see talking Pokemon participate in.

  • On the surface, this game looks really exploitative with their free-to-play model. The thing is, if you spend 20$ on it, you never have to spend another penny on it again. I don't mean that in any figurative sense. I mean they literally say, "oh cool, you basically bought this game at what we would have charged for it if we just put it up and asked for a single payment for it" and no longer ask for money. They give you the paid currency for free any time you want it, and the stamina bar is eliminated in its entirety. It just becomes a Picross game with cool Pokemon powers in it. I wish more free-to-play games would use this model.

  • Obviously I also played this last year, but in 2016 I completed the Pokedex for the first time. Finally caught them all!

  • I may have fallen off of it, but it was enjoyable while it lasted. It got me out of the house and exercising, and I got to have a really fun day with my mother in New York City before I left for school because of it.

    I obviously wish it was a more interesting game, but more than that I wish that it was more stable and did not require the app to remain open and the screen on to be played.

  • New mechanics, new graphics, and an uplifting aesthetic to pull me out of this 2016 political dread. Thanks, Pokemon.

  • This is an interesting little game. You wouldn't expect it to be so... dense, but it is. Long Live the Queen (ironically) tries to kill you at every turn, and is usually successful at it. A rare instance of trial-and-error gameplay being fun to experience.

    For context, in this game I learned magic, then razed an army to the ground, fought a master swordsman by creating a blade of light out of magic and then ALSO being a badass swordswoman in addition to a badass magician, killed the fuck out of him, then became a witch-queen and lived happily ever after. It's a cool game.

  • This thing is brilliant. I don't have much to say right now, because whatever I do say I want to say in a longer-form context, but it's great.

  • Was disappointed by it in general, but a mediocre Ace Attorney game is still a decent game.

  • Had that Pokemon fever. Played this. It's cool.

  • I have played this game numerous times before, but this year I made myself play it from start to finish. It was the first time I ever finished it! While it doesn't hold up as well as some of its sequels, this first title does some pretty amazing stuff and few games coming out today have a similar vibe to this specific title, in my opinion.