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Persona 5 is almost definitely coming to Switch, right? Hopefully we get P4 Golden and some form of P3 at some point, too.

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My Favorite Games

Just a basic list of some of my favorite games. Not always up-to-date.

List items

  • This is my favorite game of all time, hands down. I remember that my mom went through a phase where she wanted to homeschool me, and the only way she could get me to care was by promising I'd get to play this afterwards. This game is the reason I play games.

  • I absolutely love this game. This game is hilarious, and the battle system is really, really cool and entertaining. I bought a 3DS on the promise of a new one coming out. While Sticker Star turned out disappointing, it's partially because it was attached to the incredible legacy this title created.

  • For a while, Mario 3 held this spot, but I've come to realize that nowadays, when presented with the choice between World or 3 as a pick-up-and-play thing, I want to choose World. The secret exits are awesome, and I wish we got more of that in modern Mario games. There's always a bit of it in the "New" games, but they almost always only lead to shortcut cannons. The secret exits in Mario World could take you anywhere, it felt like.

  • Such a fun game, and easy to go back to for me. I loved the crazy levels and all the hidden secrets the castle had to offer. The hub world was it's own level, and fun to explore on it's own.

    After watching a 120-star speedrun at an AGDQ, I looked at this game in a totally new light. Now when I play it, I find myself trying to break it in various ways, which is its own entirely new brand of fun.

  • This one is an obvious choice. Zelda. Damn. I remember that I would try to play this game before I could even read. I'd just end up going to all the same places over and over again, repeating things I didn't need to repeat, but I loved every damn second of it. And when I was finally old enough to finish it, it still blew my mind.

  • I love this game. I've played through it probably twenty times, and it's a 40-80 hour experience each time. The world is just so colorful, and the characters are so good, that I just keep wanting to go back. There's also a nice New Game + with some cool bonuses in it.

  • This the best visual novel I have ever played, hands-down. I have a lot of love for some other entries in the genre, but Steins;Gate is special. I'd recommend it without reservation if not for its incredible length, but... It's really long.

    It's just that, like with most visual novels, its length is a part of what makes it good. The time spent meandering around and not advancing the plot attaches you to the characters. And maybe me saying that has unsold you on it, but it really does work. It's excellently done in this game on top of being an effective storytelling technique in general.

    Oh, also. It's like the best time travel story ever told. Seriously. It's that good.

  • I know that Galaxy 2 was "better" but I enjoyed this game a lot more. I played through the game twice, getting every single star each time. It is such a fun game.

  • This goes for almost the entire series. The writing is phenomenal, and the twists and turns are so crazy, yet for the most part don't stretch TOO far out of the realm of possibility, aside from the spirit medium stuff. My favorite cases are the ones where the magic stuff isn't a huge part. This game makes you feel so awesome when that light bulb finally turns on and you understand what's going on, and backing witness into a corner kind of makes you go "Yeah, in your face! You can't get out of this one!" every time.

    I'm surprised, but the 3DS game turned out great, too. The reason they aren't all on here separately is because having all of the entries released in North America would kind of clutter up the list.

  • This game is the Pokemon game that I love the most. I'm not sure why exactly. I think it was just during the exact right time in my life for me to appreciate it.

    I guess there are actually a few pretty apparent reasons, if I think about it. It's the only game in the series (aside from the Gold/Silver remakes) where you visit a second Pokemon region. I remember being so incredibly excited when I realized I had all of Kanto to explore again. The addition of color to the world is also not to be understated. This game also has some of the best music in the series. I really love the Johto Pokemon, too, almost as much (if not exactly as much) as I love the first 151. The addition of held items was great, as was the addition of Shiny Pokemon (one of which you were guaranteed to see and have a chance to catch over the game's main progression.)

    Lastly, I could point to the game's final challenge, only available to you after getting all 16 gym badges across both regions and beating the Elite Four. Once you've done this, you can climb to the peak of a high mountain, and waiting for you is... the (still silent) protagonist of Red, Blue, and Yellow. His team is made up of iconic Pokemon that many trainers had on their original teams, and they are the highest-level Pokemon used by any trainer across the entire Pokemon series, including every future game. The number one hardest fight in the entirety of Pokemon is in this game, and it's against a version of yourself, older and even more capable. And he says nothing, fighting you without comment. It's a pretty amazing moment, maybe the best in the series. So yeah. I like this generation of Pokemon games A LOT.

  • This game is so, so good, seriously. It's available on iOS. Play it.

  • Somehow this game manages to play on nostalgia without using it as a crutch. It takes the world and concepts of A Link to the Past and expands on them, even experimenting with totally new concepts, with great success.

  • Mario 3 is fantastic, and holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it holds that place because I actually owned a Mario World cartridge and had to play Mario 3 when visiting people who had it or All-Stars. Either way, when I finally played the game through completely on the Virtual Console, it held up fantastically. Mario 3 has some of Nintendo's most brilliant level design. And music.

  • The same stuff as the first game, + crazy-awesome graphical effects, + more length, + even better writing, + a computer that falls in love with Princess Peach. Awesome game. The main reasons the first game is so much higher on this list are nostalgia and the sheer the novelty of it coming before this one.

  • This is the absolute best game in the Rune Factory series. In my opinion, it's the best game in the entire Harvest Moon series and Harvest Moon-adjacent games put together. I'd honestly go as far as saying it's my favorite farming-based game I've ever played. Including the fantastic Stardew Valley.

    It's just got everything I want. Farming, first of all. But farming with a measurable progression system due to the leveling. It's also got fantasy elements and fighting stuff, giving you something to actually apply the skills (and funds) gained from farming to that feels tangible. It's got a nice anime aesthetic that isn't totally generic and feels unique to the series. It's got dating, and you can even change your gender mid-game and still date the gender you were dating previously. It's the only way to have a non-heterosexual relationship in the game, which isn't ideal, but it's actually there, which is more than can be said for any other Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game.

    It's also got a lot of systems, and when you know how they work, they can be used to completely break the game. I actually like when games let me break them using their own systems, like making spells in some Elder Scrolls games. Additionally, the game has hours and hours and hours of story content, but separates the main story arcs in such a way that if you don't want to invest a bajillion more hours into the game, you can put it down at about the halfway point without feeling like you only played half a game. You'll have seen the end credits and everything; in fact, it's possible to not even know there's more main story to be found after hitting that point. The means to unlock the path forward from the first credits scene is pretty hidden.

    Rune Factory 4 is a game I could literally play forever. Much like Pokemon, I can always find more ways to sink hours into this game. It's amazing, and a fifth one NEEDS to happen. Unfortunately, the devs went under after making this game, in spite of it selling really well. It was the best selling and best reviewed Rune Factory game yet. It was a real bummer when they went under.

  • I played this game years after it came out, and still found it breathtaking. It managed to move me to tears without a single line of text or single spoken word. This game is incredible.

  • This game is why I sometimes hate other "Nintendo fans." They were clamoring for an Ocarina of Time follow up, and got this. In my opinion, this was a fantastic choice. It was a departure from the formula in it's own way and the art is fucking gorgeous. I'm stunned whenever I see someone complain about it. (Yeah, that still happens, oddly enough.)

  • This game holds a special place in my memories. It moved me. I know. Corny. But it really did. Fun mechanics, the narrator was clever and well-written, excellent music, and an emotionally resonant story make this one of my favorite games of all time.

  • Probably not as good as Ocarina, and very difficult and frustrating in certain areas, but very unique. And "not as good as Ocarina" is really not a criticism for, like, anything. Also, it's dark in a strange way. Not like the Twilight Princess "Grown-up" dark, but just a little disturbing.

    A very cool game that makes my list for a number of reasons. It was a step out of line for Nintendo, which was totally worth doing. It expanded on the weird, creepy elements already present in Ocarina and almost doubled-down on them. There's an oppressive, uncomfortable tone to this game that I haven't had replicated for me since.

  • This game was fun alone, but if you actually used the batshit-insane setup of hooking up four GBAs to the Gamecube, It was an amazing game to play multiplayer. Very underrated.

  • I didn't think I'd like this game, but I played it all the way through and was very impressed. The final boss fight is very cool, and the ending of the game is definitely cool, too. I tried Spirit Tracks, but the train stuff got so annoying to me that I stopped... on top of other reasons.

  • An excellent Tales game. It needs to be remastered/brought to other systems at some point. It was remade for the PS3 in Japan, but that version never came here.

    Anyways, this game features who is probably the best Tales protagonist. He's certainly the most likable, and not just on a surface level, either. Yuri has LAYERS, man. Anyway. Great game. Highly recommended.

  • This game is just all around awesome. The first time I played it, it was me and my friends in his basement with nothing better to do, so we just passed the control after each level, and we got more and more amazed by the solutions as it went on. At times it was annoying to have my friends yelling at the screen, but other times the extra brainpower made some of the really hard puzzles more fun.

  • A fantastic entry in the Tales franchise. A difficult to deal with protagonist at first, but the game lets him grow and change in a more significant way than the protagonists of a lot of JRPGs do.

  • This game is just so mechanically solid. I don't generally like stealth games, but Dishonored is good enough to be an exception.

  • I didn't play this game 12 times like some people did. I didn't obsess over it and get involved in a fandom like others did. A lot of people, though, they seem to have forgotten that this game was fucking good because they hate the fanbase so much. It's the worst thing. Don't dismiss this game just because other people like it. And yeah. They like it aggressively. And it's kind of miserable. But pretending this game was secretly bad just because of the community that gathered around it...

    I don't like that. It's dismissive of the way it moved me. Because it did. Undertale is an important video game, both in general gaming history and in my life. Nobody can take that away from me.

  • This game's idea is dumb on paper, but in practice it's fun as hell. I loved (almost) every minute of it. The only spots that weren't great were the times when you knew where and when you needed to get a picture or something that was important for your progress, but you just barely miss it and have to do the whole level over. This is really evident in the Valley level.

  • I've spent hours on this game. but then again, who hasn't poured hours into a Tetris game?

  • This game got me back into Pokemon after skipping a generation, and was a fantastic way to get back into the series. It adds a lot of quality of life stuff, along with some fun new features. I sunk hundred of hours into this game. I sunk more hours into the next games, Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, but that was because they had a more involved endgame and I preferred shiny hunting in them to shiny hunting in X/Y. Those hours were basically my love for X/Y being applied to another game.

  • I don't know what it was about this game, but I couldn't put it down. It's pretty impenetrable at spots, a little buggy, and can be horribly frustrating, but there's just something about it that makes it a lot of fun. It's got a lot of charm to it. Also, I think that the localization on this game is a cut above what it was in the other Rune Factory or Harvest Moon games.

    Maybe a multiplayer Stardew Valley could take this game's place someday; who knows. Not that this game is multiplayer, but... I think it would take an experience like a multiplayer Stardew Valley to be able to replace this game for me.

    Or, as you've seen higher on the list, it would take Rune Factory 4, of course.

  • I haven't added anything to this list in a long time, but it's hard to definitively call something one of your favorite things of all time. This game, though, made the cut.

    It's not a masterpiece or anything, and it didn't move me emotionally, but it is one of the only games I've ever played at a hard difficulty during my first playthrough. I just loved the mechanics of the battles so much that I wanted every fight to count; I wanted every fight to require me to use every tactic and skill at my disposal.

    Most games, ESPECIALLY role-playing games, I enjoy being overpowered in and crashing through all the content at a fast pace. Whereas this game actually made me enjoy its (semi) random encounters.

  • I have no idea where to put this on my list. Probably fairly high up, but I need to let it sit in my brain for a while before I can feel comfortable picking a spot for it.

  • I do not know where to put this game on the list yet, either. My rediscovery of this game has propelled it into this list though, there's no doubt in my mind that it belongs on here somewhere. Once I started getting into the deeper, complicated mechanics only used in competitive play, this game became a billion times more fun for me. It also made me better friends with my roommates, and my younger brother, too.