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Bleach Blade of fate is a great game which has 26 different characters you can play as. Two of which have different forms their is the main character Ichigo Kurosaki who has hallow form, and soul reaper form. They both have the same move set, yet it seems cooler to play with the hollow cause he laughs crazy when you fight which is pretty fun. The other character a Captain Sajin which has a masked and a unmasked form. If you haven't watched the show the story line will fill you in, but a few chap...

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Xbox Classic 0

MechAssualt is a game that should be played by every gamer. MechAssault is separated into two separate parts which is the Story and the Multi player. The  way in which MechAssault  works is that a small human controls a big machine type warrior whose goal is to destroy all other Mechs as well as mission oriented goals. MechAssualt is the game that took Xbox live to the next level as it has made millions of fan boys. This game should become an Xbox live original as it defines what a good multi pl...

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Best Game Ever Made!!! 0

Big Rigs Over The Road Racing is the best video game ever made. This is done through a flawless game engine and a tremendous amount of work that was put into this game. The physics for this game are superior to those found by its competition. The obstacles in this game such as houses and trees are all made so that the truck can go through them. The trunks in this game have no cargo so it would be easier to reach speeds that surpass both the speed of light and the speed of sound. This game is the...

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Mario at its best 0

One of the best Role Playing games for the SNES. Mario adventures through the forces of the evil with Smithy playing the role of the antagonist. Mario tries to save the world by searching for the 7 stars. This game is a turn based game and a role playing game, you can customize Mario similar to role playing games and when you touch an enemy you fight in a turn based game. You travel with some of the most memorable characters in all of the Mario games. Through the game you fight very intense batt...

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Geometry Wars is a game that was made for addicts.....Geometry Wars is a game that is to fast for my eyesGeometry Wars is a game that  lasts foreverGeometry Wars is a game that cost me 800 Microsoft points Geometry Wars is a game that is the same as its demoGeometry Wars is a game that does not follow geometric rulesGeometry Wars is a game that has no strategic valueGeometry Wars is a game that has no leader boardsGeometry Wars is a game that is powered by fan boysGeometry Wars is a game that ha...

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Halo 3 can be described as a game thats feels half done. If halo 3 were to be compared to any modern shooter it could be easily identified as an over hyped failure. Halo 3 has a great story but can be seen as a failure as it does not give a sense of completion. The multi player is decent when played with friends but when played over xbox live you cannot get far without a 9 year old thrash talker screaming in your ear. The aspect that ruins HALO 3 the most is the ranking system as casual players ...

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Gears of WAR in a third person shooting game that masters almost every aspect of what is expected from shooting games. The way this is done is through a flawless cover system and a paint ball feel to the game. Gears of War has multiple weapons that are balanced out evenly that make the game fair. Gears of War has both COOP and Multi player which vary significantly. The Coop mode can be played as with one player or you can choose to team up with a buddy to kill some locust. The Coop seems short b...

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