Look Whose Evil Now...

Well, I just got a chance to ponder on the existence of Evil Dead: The Musical that I attended Friday, July 25, 2008 in Martinez, CA. The much beloved cult-classic B-movie about a man and his chainsaw replacement hand fighting the Candarian Demons trying to take over and make everyone into zombies is now a dark humour ridden, silly lyric slinging, get covered in fake blood and guts musical. We sat in the splatter zone, me with my chemistry goggles to protect my glasses and my three friends all in white t-shirts just waiting to have them splattered with red. And by the looks of the plastic covered menus for drinks and snacks... we were going to get a face full.  Well, they didn't let us down. There was only one problem that seemed to occur for when the big splash was suppose to occur, that would surely get us covered, the pump must of died and only gurgled. Now, that is not to say that we didn't get splattered and, boy, is was hard to keep my lips closed from laughing so hard and singing to the songs. With such great songs as, "Cabin in the Woods", "What the F**K was That?" and "All the men in my life have been killed by Candarian Demons"... how can you go wrong?

If you ever get the chance to see this show AND you liked the original movies, please please go see it. It was well worth the 30 dollars and the 1 hour drive to Martinez to see it, but don't forget to keep your mouth shut or a bit of zombie might fly into your open trap!

So what does Evil Dead: The musical have to do with Giant Bomb? Well, it has never occurred to me that there would be Evil Dead video games based on the movies! So now I have to see about getting one or two and testing my skills with a shot gun and a chainsaw.


Something for Every Level

Being someone who got into gaming later in life and am not obsessed with gaming as many of my friends are, I've been looking for a site that can fulfill my gaming information needs AND help my enjoyment of gaming increase. My best friend, Ken, and you guys were the only reason I went to Gamespot at all. And once Jeff left, it just was all down hill from there. You guys are awesome and it was a pleasure to see you at one of the Gamer's Balls in San Francisco. You all deserve so much for staying true to your ideas and ideals while bringing the gaming world truly something special.