Blogging Earthbound: A Recaptured Memory #4


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So, I brought Jeff from Dr. Andonut’s Lab back to Threed, and, in perfect style, his Bad Key Machine was exactly what was needed to get Ness and Paula out of the Cemetery. Some grinding got him leveled up to everyone else, and buying some goodies from the man behind the drugstore got him nicely ready for some tough battles to come. Powerful zombies here I come. Fully stocked, I headed towards the demon tent at the bottom of Threed, and the epic battle began! …And I used Jeff’s Big Bottle Rocket and one-shotted the boss. One. Shot. The Boss. In a way, I was a little disappointed that this battle that I’d remembered as being so difficult was so easily won. But now that I’ve thought about it, it’s kinda awesome that a few hours into a game you can one-shot a boss. Of course, I can’t do that any more until I can find some more of those bad boys, but the fact that I did it is still awesome. From there, I zombie-papered the municipal tent with a little help from the Apple Kid and the Mach Pizza delivery man, loaded up on regular Bottle Rockets and headed toward the creepy underground lair where the zombie problem came from.