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How DLC should be done 0

Simply put, I was extremely impressed with Lair of the Shadow Broker (LSB). Unlike the previous DLC that were released which felt like tacked on missions or pointless items (with the exception of the recently released weapons pack), LSB really hit home, focusing on the story of Liara's connection with the Shadow Broker (a story branch from the first Mass Effect). Along with a relevant plot and relevant character, it also featured great production values, sufficient length and a variety of cool f...

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Blazing Hot PvP, Lukewarm PvE 0

This review is a review of the core gameplay elements of Guild Wars, including not only the original Prophecies campaign but also the Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North expansions. Strong suits: To put it simply, Guild Wars has the best PvP you’ll find in an MMO. There are literally dozens of viable builds for each class combination, and large scale skill balancing takes place every month. You don’t need to spend days or weeks powerleveling a character and farming gold for the best equipme...

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In Soviet Russia... 0

You control Atomic Tank and charge into the depths of the Middle East and eastern Europe to win the nuclear war. Looking purely at the gameplay, you'd never guess that PopCap, developers of casual games like Bejeweled and Bookworm made this arcade style shooter. It's fast, it's violent, it's funny and most of all, it's hard. The game requires fast reflexes and accurate aiming in order to succeed, and will seem like bullet hell at times with all the bombs and globs of nuclear waste flying in your...

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The closest connection to Final Fantasy is the title 1

The latest entry into the numerical FF series is, in short, a disappointment. There are various things wrong with it, and in terms of style, it doesn't resemble the previous FF games at all. On the positive side, the game is somewhat playable and pretty fun at times, has relatively good voice acting, and is also one of the greatest looking games on the PS2 if not the greatest. However, due to the series' previous accomplishments and the current quality of other RPG brands, it's surprising how re...

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Pretty good for something that has Disney injected into it 0

Kingdom Hearts 2 as with all Square RPG's, was well made, fun, and enjoyable. The main thing stopping it from getting 5 stars were a few key components that simply detracted tremendously for the game experience.Anybody who's played the game will tell you that the beginning is perhaps one of the worst in video game history. For the first 2-3 hours, you play as a nondescript character named Roxas, going through what is essentially one long tutorial. There is little fighting, a lot of dialogue, and...

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Revolutionary for its time, and one of the best WWII games ever 0

The first of the groundbreaking Call of Duty series, COD puts you into the shoes of American, British and Russian soldiers in one of the many theaters during the war. The graphics were the best of its time, and still look decent when played today. Textures are clean, soldier's faces are fairly detailed, buildings and vegetation are appropriately colored, and the guns all look convincing and unique. The graphical engine is lag free and very precise (e.g. fast response time and accurate interactio...

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A nice toy, but not really a full game 0

Audiosurf is a game that takes either mp3's on your computer, or music from internet radio sites, and translates them for you into a track of varying obstacles and speed. You can choose different levels of difficulty and different ships in order to change the gameplay. In each track, you collect varying colors of blocks, with larger clusters gaining more points.While this idea sounds good in theory, in practice it boils down to a fairly repetitive and shallow game. The rhythm and speed of any pa...

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A good game cursed with incredibly bad mechanics 2

On the heels of Geometry Wars, Bullet Candy is a dual joystick shooter that involves shooting down enemies in an arena while avoiding bumping into them and their bullets. This general premise, which you'd think would be so easy to pull off as there are so many good models out there, is unfortunately executed very poorly in this game. There are numerous borderline broken things that drastically detract from the gameplay experience, which makes this title, even at $3.99 seem like a ripoff. First o...

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An Acquired Taste 1

After the release of the first game, many fans enjoyed it but also found some critical flaws with the game. For instance, many found the difficulty too easy or too hard at parts, without the ability to adjust it. Others found it too short, others felt it needed more puzzles, and still others found that there should've been more flash animations/cutscenes.With a few months now to try and resolve these issues, Hothead Games releases the second installment of the supposedly 4 part series, and conti...

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A good gateway MMO, and generally enjoyable 0

Runescape is a much-played but not so well-known online  MMORPG that launched in 2001. Since that time, it has gone through major graphical and gameplay changes, and its current form is almost unrecognizable compared to what it was a few years ago. The gameplay is skill-based, and there are a plethora of skills. They are essentially divided into 3 categories, with some overlap in between. Attacking skills increase your proficiency in combat, improving the armor/weapons you can wield, opening up ...

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Frantic and addicting 0

Geometry Wars involves steering your ship around different varieties of shapes all want to hunt you down. And by steering I of course mean shooting in the face.Quite compact, GW features only one mode, and with very few options. The game starts out easy, with only small waves of few shapes chasing you at first, but it picks up quickly. Eventually you'll be getting swarms of fast, dodging enemies coming at you, pushing your survival skills to the limit. The game isn't technically deep, but the br...

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A good RTS in theory, but dissapoints in practice 0

Company of Heroes is an RTS set in WW2, where you command units of soldiers and artillery to capture resource points, and eventually annhilate the enemy.Gameplay The gameplay had a lot of potential, but dissapoints in the end by how it is so easy. Enemies essentially don't attack you unless you come near them, and resource points provide infinite resources, meaning you can control a certain amount of area, literally have dinner, go out for a jog, come back, then easily win the game by spamming s...

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The whole is equal to the sum of its parts 0

While it would seem that the player is recieving a huge deal here by buying the Orange Box - 6 games in one, neither of them are that great on their own, which makes the purchase hinge on whether you like Half Life 2 or not. Half Life 2Personally hated the game, and rate it a 2/5. Even if you liked it, you probably already own it, or it's just too old to compete with other available shooters. 1/5.Half Life 2: Episode 1, 2Episodic continuations of the original game. If you like HL2, these may be ...

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Not as much of a game as it is a bad physics sim 5

I would just like to note that although I'm writing the review now, I played the game upon release.GameplayThe first person shooter element of the game is okay (except for the ugly crosshair), but just okay. It doesn't innovate in that department at all, and what's more frustrating is its exploration factor. The environments you traverse will often involve some sort of physics puzzle, such as breaking wood with your crowbar, or operating machinery to move objects. However, much of it seems force...

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Genius 0

In World of Goo, your primary objective in each level is to build structures out of balls of goo (blobs that connect to each other when placed correctly), and eventually get a tip of the structure to a pipe that sucks excess goo balls in. Each level has a certain amount of goo balls that you have to collect to pass, so even getting the structure to the pipe will not guarantee victory. There are no enemies in the game, but your environment plays a deadly role, making you dodge spikes, spinning bl...

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