Top 10 PC Games I've Played

Now this list is really personalized because I didn't really start playing PC games until the past few years other than the few games that came with my family's first computer  way back in 95' (3 of them on the list, Neverhood, Road Rash, and Dust). So try not to complain much as I still have a big to do list for pc games. Some games I see as being too dated to try and play while others I still want to give a shot such as System  Shock 2.

List items

  • I was going to make this Half-Life 2 but hey why not make it 5 games in one.

  • My second computer game I ever played, first being Oregon Trail. That game would be on the list, but I need a cutoff line somewhere.

  • Best graphical game still to date!! Although great graphics does not equal a great game. The gameplay was just as good as the graphics varying from a tropical area to a snow area. I loved the special abilities such as cloak, max speed, max jump, etc. That reminds me, I still need to play Crysis: Warhead.

  • Everything about this game is win except for the space stage at the end. What a way to ruin an otherwise fantastic game.

  • Mass Effect for the PC is the better version of the 2. Story is where it's all about. Man those Bioware guys must be really big nerds. This game is very deep and complicated. Story paths can branch all over the place with a different outcome. The shooting in this game is outstanding too. You may feel overwhelmed by all the different side missions and scope, but if you still to the main missions and beat the game, then you can come back to the game's side missions and complete them.

  • I don't care what people say about how Doom 3 has cheap scares. I like cheap scares, because its one of the few things that actually make me jump in video games.

  • My first PC RTS game! Just beat it this year, 2009. From what I hear it is not a good representative of most PC RTS games but is more of a RTS action game. Maybe that's why I like it so much???

  • Another Sims sequel, do I really need to say anything else?

  • I need to replay this game. Haven't played it since 1998. But I remember it being really fun with lots of crazy puzzles to solve.

  • Another game I need to come back to. Great great game.