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Want an easy S-Rank? Then buy Eversion on Steam

So yesterday i S-ranked a game for the first time in my life, that game was Eversion. Originally a freeware game Eversion was released on Steam with new graphics and obviously achievements, the game itself is pretty damn cool, it starts out as a colorful platformer and descent into pure madness, it's great. Eversion's achievements can be unlocked in under 3 hour so it's the perfect game to S-rank, for 5 bucks i think that's a great deal. So if anyone is interested go buy Eversion on Steam right now!


Getting the Towering wisdom achievement in Plants Vs Zombies

So i today i got the Towering wisdom achievement in Plants Vs Zombies, that requires you to grow  the tree of wisdom to 100ft which is a pretty tall order because it requires large amount of money. If you were play the game normally it would take forever but there's is a small exploit that you can do involving the mini game Last Stand, here's a video that show you how to do that. Also by now you should have fully grown plants in your zen garden that you can sell for 8000 a piece,that should help a little.
Hopefully what i wrote helps someone achieve the Towering wisdom achievement because that one was real hard one, be prepared to spend hours grinding for money.

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