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Gexecuter's list of great PC games for crappy computers

I have a really old PC, i got a geforce 6200, 512MB of RAM and a Pentium 4 at 1.7 GHZ. It sucks a lot however there's plenty of PC games out there that will run mostly well so here's a list of them all.

List items

  • Turn down some graphical options and Splinte Cell: Chaos Theory will run pretty well.

  • Will work on pretty much anything.

  • This one suprised me a lot, if you turn most of the fancy effects off Blood money will run pretty well, it won't nearly as pretty as it can but it will run.

  • Put everything in medium and set textures to low and you got yourself a pretty playable game.

  • While it can run on PC's with 512MB of Ram i suggest having more than that otherwise it will slow down during the heaviest parts, also having a great videocard is not required.

  • 2D multiplayer game using airplanes, since it's 2D it will run on pretty much anything.

  • This awesome FPS/RPG is a classic that will run on pretty much anything these days.

  • The second game in the Hitman franchise that introduced the formula that i know and love, while not as refined as Hitman: Blood Money i think is worth a play.

  • A third person shooter mixed a noir story all set in New York city during a single night, it's still awesome.

  • A small and very relaxing indie game, since it's 2D it will run on anything tought you need at least 512MB of memory. Be warned tough, the game gets hard in later levels.

  • Rome: Total War was my first experience with the Total war series and i was not dissapointed, it combines a light civilization turn based campaign that in turn decides most of the stuff related to the RTS portion of the game like the units, battle locations, Etc. Anyway it ran pretty well after i lowered some video settings.

  • This RPG is a classic by now, it's pretty old so any PC should be able to run it. Available on

  • This sequel to Fallout makes several improvements to the interface and other minor stuff but it plays just like Fallout and just like Fallout it will run on anything.

    Available on

  • One of the best turn based games ever, nothing beats removing a dictator from a small country using mercenaries, loads of weapons and locations make JA2 worth playing, also since it's 2D and pretty old it will run on anything these days.

    Available on

  • While the controls for using the sword were never as accurate as the game would have led you to believe the truth is that Die By The Sword remains a fun game, removing limbs and heads with your sword feels and looks awesome. This old game will run on anything these days so give it a try. Available on

  • This is a simple racing game tough it's notable for it's minigames that include deliberately crashing your crash into a wall in order to throw your driver the longest distance possible, all using havokes physics. Turn down some graphical options and Flatout should run pretty well on underpowered PC. Available on

  • This classic flight simulator set in space combines dogfighting with an epic story, it still manages to make for an compelling experience after all this time. Freespace 2 will pretty much run on anything these days tough if you the hardware for it you can install some graphical mods that makes the game look amazing, or so i have heard. Available on