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Missed a spot: The Saboteur missing a sledgehammer?

I am late, as always. The saboteur, last year underdog that went to die in an already lost fight against Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed II, passed me by as it did many of us. Sales where lackluster, reviews where not that good, and Pandemic already being dismantled, the game quickly got shoved into the bin section, where it was forgotten and lost. 

A friend of mine comes by my apartment to gift me the game, saying it was in the bargain bin, and he knew I loved open world games. I pop it in that very evening, and quickly grows fond of it. It's not earth shattering by any means, but what it does, it does it well. Most of the mechanics present in the game are borrowed from other open-world games, like Assassin's creed, the Grand Theft Auto series, and a little of Red Faction Guerilla. I will write an in-dept review when I'm finished with the game, but I had to share this little detail with you all:

The only thing missing from this game to truly be greatness incarnate is the Red Faction physics engine, along with a sledgehammer, for good measure. There are so many things to destroy in this game (taking the form of freeplay targets like nazis sniper towers, ligthing and comm equipments, tanks, bridges and so on), that it seems a bit underwhelming to know that I'll have to destroy them all using two things, dynamite and rockets. if every building was collapsible, if every tower was breakable, you could do so much with Paris. You could have so much fun in The Saboteur

Alas, the game did not get the funding or the time necessary to polish the game, so it would have been a stretch to ask for a physics enabled destruction simulator in Paris. Such shame.

P.s: When you put topless girls in your game, at least try to make them move like the real thing. Ugh, those animations...


Rant of the Day: Sony's Playstation 3 bundles

I just bought a PS3 for myself and noticed something: they keep yelling about the incredible graphical possibilites of the PS3, and how HD and the HDMI cables changes everything and makes for a perfect audio/visual experience yet, when It's time to release the thing, they ship it with standard resolution cables and sells the HDMI cables for as much as a hundred bucks ( Sony Style, in Canada, Quebec). Am I the only one feeling a little raped over it? Microsoft, for once, did the right thing and at least launched with HD/standard cables (wich I still find to be one of the best little thingy Microsoft ever did), so it would showcase the true power of the console right out of the box.

And lately it's been something I find quite annoying with Sony: Their tendancy to ship a product that is incomplete, like the PSP without any Memory stick whatsoever (yes I know the first edition had one, but since then?). They keep getting better but each time there is that one little thing missing in the box that always makes me go "damn, I have to go back to the store, I forgot to buy X little thingy". It could almost be labeled hidden costs, wich is a bad business practice.

Well at least their controller didn't ship with non rechargeable AA batteries. *Hint Microsoft, hint*


Fat Princess vs the Feminists.

Fat Princess is one of those original concept that comes out of left field without any sort of warning. The first time you hear about this "Capture the Flag" variant, you can't help but to chuckle. You have to feed your princess as much cake as possible so it is too heavy for the other team to carry. On paper, this idea seems like tons of ridiculous fun. Sadly, this great concept has a weak point: it can and will be targeted by feminists.

And that is something I can't quite understand. Why are they so extremists in their wrath against sexism? We could say the same of all organized people against any form of discrimination though. Sometimes, someday, it happens. They go too far for the sake of their crusade. Why do they feel the need to pick on every little harmless thing? Fat Princess makes me remember when Locoroco came out. Oh boy, that was something. because the evil ones where black, the game was deemed racist. This is one of those moments I can't help but to say "WTF?!?"

And the problem in all that? Actually, I'm all for them. Their crusade is righteous, and they have to stand up for their right. But isn't it going a little far now?


oh, A new site!

Giant bomb finally launched. and boy, what a launch! We can already feel a strong community building and the site has barely just begun. Well I'm here to stay I guess!

It's my first blog, so I think I'll use it to ramble about everything I can find, much like anyone else would do ;)

And first on my list: The fall update for the 360.
I saw the trailers and have to ask: why would they do such a thing? Are they thinking that by adding avatars there will be some so-called "casual gamers" who will switch thinking "hey, this seems like my Wii, but way cooler!!"? Isn't the primary effect of competition is driving you to innovate? Nobody will gain any benefit from that update, and as such it seems pretty pointless. The more the console will look like a Wii, the less people will care. They already have a Wii.

- Ghil out.