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Modnation Racers wins the gold 1

Modnation Racers is, as the name implies, a racing game, and one that tries not to take itself too seriously, at that. It has all the basics of a fantastical racing game aswell; weapon system, insane tracks and even more insane characters. However, there's more depth to it than most other games like it.GimmickAs the "Mod" part would imply, you can customize and create characters and karts as you wish, and even create your own race tracks. However, you are also able to publish and download tracks...

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The possibilities are ALMOST neverending. 1

I realized something as I read the other reviews for this game: Most of them are so fucking biased against the Werehog I can't help but laugh. That the day stage mechanics are somehow ruined by a completely different aspect of the game, they say. Infact, the very first review I read of it said the game was ruined simply because the Werehog existed. No, fuck the fact that it may not have played badly, it is a horrible idea and the entire rest of the game should be shunned for this.This game is by...

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The Knight of the Wind's Kingdom is Subpar at best 2

MSonic and the Black Knight continues the adventures of the Blue Blur and his romps throughout classic stories. Here I will talk about the main game and bonus content in deph since I can't find anyone who will fucking play multiplayer with me.Story: Nothing too fancy. Sonic is summoned by a wizard woman named Merlina to defeat the infamous Black Knight, who happens to actualy be King Arthur, corrupted by the power of immortality. Sonic sets off to find the Sword in the Stone, Caliburn, and defea...

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