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Xbox 360 Complete

My Slow progress through my pile of Xbox 360 game

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  • This was a game I expected to love and boy did it live up to my dreams about the ultimate Batman game. The story, the gameplay, the visuals and the sounds all what I had expect. Another Gigolo recommendation.

    Still to go through the challenge rooms or got 100%, but will play the story again.

  • When I first put this game I had heard all the hype and was looking forward to entering Rapture.

    By the way this is the first 360 game I played in 1080p with my new TV and wow I was impressed with the style and graphics of this game.

    Halfway into the game I was starting to wonder what everyone was on about. I thought at this point this was an above average FPS but I struggled through I was rewarded in the end.

    The last 3-4 hours was a nice surprise after the story expended to explain the real reason behind Bioshock.

    After completing it I have to join the masses and state this is an excellent game and worth the time I invested in it.

  • Bargain game of 2009, Managed to get 8 hours of game play out of this and that me only completing this once.

    Will be returning to this excellent example on how to make a downloadable game.

  • After completing Assassin's Creed with all but 3 flags from The Kingdom and failing to kill all the Templars I won't be coming back to this game. Enjoyed the story but.

  • Main game now competed as both Good and Evil. Have also done the first DLC Knothill island.

    Now completed See the Future DLC and really enjoyed the extra quests. Bring on Fable 3.

  • Normal = Finished.

    Managed to complete first few chapters in veteran mode before having to give up.

    Since getting Live have started to get into the multiplayer.

  • Gave up on 2nd level in extreme. Looking forward to getting DLC

  • 1st playthrough complete

  • After running through the single player in about 7 hours was pretty impressed with the story even though the twisted didn't really make sense. Barely touch the multi player because I hate getting shoot in the head so many times.