Portal Is Great

I was just over at a friends house playing some Splosion Man, which is incredible by the way, when we realized that Portal has had so many influences over downloadable games. 
Splosion Man's collectibles are little cakes and the achievement for collecting all of them is "Not a Portal Reference." Also the end credits are almost as great as Portal's were.  (I have no clue if Portal was the first game to have amazing end credits but it was the first that i played) Same thing with Fat Princess.  The trophy for beating the Single Player is "The Cake is Not a Lie". Fat Princess also has some interesting end credits however they are not up to par with Splosion Man's or Portals. 
i thought that this was fairly interesting and thought i would share it with yall. If there are any other references to Portal that you guys know about feel free to add them.

Final Fantasy VII

I never got to play it considering i was like 5 years old when it came out.  Since a version of the game is ridiculously expensive i thought that a remake for the PS3 would be awesome.  They already got a tech demo to show off the PS3's graffix but it would be tight if they realeased a full on remake.

Anyone think that this is even a possiblility?