Hey! A Game of the Year Blog!

Disclaimer: All games were played on PS3.

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5. Fairytale Fights

Say what you will about the games reviews or the odd controls, but this game is a hell of a lot of fun. It's the a over the top game that maybe doesn't do anything new, but it tries to be fucked up and it works, and for that I really give it credit. I'm a big fan of the art style of the game as well, it's the Unreal Engine but you'd never tell. It has a Saturday morning kid feel that I really liked. I'm probably the only one that has this on their list, and I'm cool with that. I had a hell of a lot of fun with this game. Yes you can sit there and pick all of its flaws, and there are many, but if you just sit back and just play the game, it's pretty fun.


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4. Bionic Commando

Oh, what a game GRIN made. The now closed company probably made their masterpiece, a game that I felt got dissed on a little too much by nostalgic gamers. Bionic Commando was to me, awesome. I have not played any of Nathan "Rad" Spencer's games before, so I was pretty new to the whole experience. The game isn't really story heavy which I welcome. Instead it's more about the combat, swinging and the environment. The swinging was ok, the shooting was better then I expected though. I found I was doing a lot of melee kills, which I thought looked good and worked well. Probably the only thing I didn't like was I thought the game was a little short, and the ending was maybe too open ended. But other then that, I had a hell of a experience. 

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3. Fat Princess

I won't lie, before Fat Princess I never played a game online. Yep. Fat Princess was my first online experience and I did enjoy it, was a good bloody time it was. I spent most of my time as a worker, the amount of fun I had while cutting down a tree to upgrade a class was oddly fun. Titan Studios made doing odd tasks fun! Yes the game did have bad online problems when it first came out, but it didn't slow the game down from being one of my favorite games of the year.


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2. Dragon Age: Origins

I've never been into RPGs, probably the only one I have played before this was Fallout 3, and some other was too like Tales of Vesperia. I played for a while and really didn't like it, so I put it away for a little bit. I pulled it back out, played as a mage and for some reason liked it better. So I don't know if mages are my thing now or what. Some of the coolest attacks I've seen all year have came from this game, example: The Walking Bomb spell. The characters are fantastic and the story, while confusing at times, is pretty well done. Now all I have to do is hope they port Tales of Vesperia to the PS3 and maybe RPGs will grow on me. 


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Yep, my Game of the Year is inFAMOUS. What Sucker Punch did with this game is truly amazing, it's a dark and gritty game yet also beautiful. Empire City is a live and not all well for the most part. Cole can either be good or bad, but I went with good cause I can't be bad! I liked the way the citizens interact with him, if you're good they'll take your picture and be all cool, but if you're bad they hate you and well are not cool. Also the game has a ending I never saw coming and you don't feel cheated by it. It's a fantastic game, more please! 


Close calls: Game that just didn't crack my top 5 but I still loved. 

Uncharted 2 - I personally didn't think it was the epic masterpiece most people said, the shooting felt off I thought. Good game though.
Afro Samurai - I think I'm the only one who really liked that game.
Trash Panic - A odd yet awesome PSN game. 

And more...

Best Downloadable Game:

Fat Princess
(Runner up : Shatter)

Best Music

Afro Samurai - This game has got some fresh beats!
(Runner up : Shatter)

Best New Character:

Alistair- Dragon Age : Origins
(Runner up : Cole McGrath - inFAMOUS)

Most Surprisingly Fun Game

Fairytale Fights
(Runner up: Wheelman)