Quick Update 101-343.

Man. Guys, gals. I haven't "blogged" it what has seemed like forever. Just haven't been in the mood for it at all. Going back and looking through my abundant number of blogs I realized I use to do it like every..... fucking.... day. So here we go, let's get this train rolling. Buckle up motherfuckers, this text is on fire.

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I won't go in to extreme depth on everything that I've been playing, cause frankly, if I tried to catch you guys up on all of that, this blog would run on just like this run on sentence. So I'll start you guys up on the most recent, and by most recent I mean the game I just put down to write this. Dead Space 2. I was a very big fan of the original Dead Space. I often found myself defending it against my gamer friends who think COD and Halo are the only shooters that exist. It mixed an fantastic horror/suspense with a deep at sometimes great story with good third person shooting. This all falls back into Dead Space 2 for the most part. I'm only Chapter 5 right now, but I'm liking were the story is heading so far and Isaac as a talking character is pretty great. It would have been horrid if the voice actor was lackluster or he talked like
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Batman. Story and voice acting aside, the action is great. The game relies on jump scares more than I'd like but it's fine. And I find myself using the Plasma Cutter so much more than I did in the first game. I use it so much, I sold my other weapons. As a sequel, I feel this is the best one I've played in a while. I've been thinking a lot, and I really starting to think I haven't liked a game this much since a little game that came out in 2008 called Fallout 3... which I'm still playing to this very day. I'll write more up as I play Dead Space 2. But so far, it's the best game I've played this year. 
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Also, and since I'm a grown man, I got Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2. I really liked parts of Raging Blast, the way they mixed up the sagas was great. It was the fighting itself that I found myself hating the most, but I'm also a terrible fighting player anyway. I haven't played a whole lot of it, since I got it from Amazon at about 4pm yesterday. Liking the character models in this game, they look super sharp like in Raging Blast. Again, I'll have more on this as I play it. I do feel like I'm hitting combos and specials more in this game then Raging Blast, not sure if that's my mashing actually working or they made the overall combat a little easier. Also, the fan service seems great as well. Full episodes in Japanese?? Thank you Spike.

Run down on other things:
  • Saw Paul. It was alright.
  • I'm still awesome at bowling ( check out my vids)
  • I'm in my eleventh play through of Fallout 3.
Alright. There's my rundown. Hopefully once I start writing more, I'll get back into it and actually right more. But I just wanted to get my opinion out on those two games. So, if I don't forget, look for a blog next week.
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