Raging Blast 2

So, I've been playing a ton of Raging Blast 2. I'm still quite terrible at the fighting game part, as with any fighting game I touch, so I'm still working on it and trying to get better. But I am liking it so far. I've been playing a lot with Videl, if not 100% with her, to some good success. Played one online match and got rapped but I blame my "suckness" if you will.  
I miss the saga stuff they did with the first game, while I do welcome that they left it out to focus on the action. Which is really what any DBZ fan wants. I HATE the new recovery system. Mash buttons till you get up, weaker you are the more you have to mash. I much preferred the "shake left stick like crazy" to get back up. Character models look great, but the fighting arenas are straight out of Raging Blast, maybe with a few new ones.  
Overall, I'm really in love with the HUUUUUGE amount of content they have. Only bad thing is, I keep training with Videl that I don't really play any of the other characters. I've had some good success with Krillin (Krillin is my boy) and Vegito so I'll post later more on that stuff. I like the melee part of the game the best, which is why I think I'm liking Videl's style the most.  
If you have the game and want to do some online rounds, just add me. I'll be more than welcome to play and fucking looooooooooooooooose :)