Hey, so, uh. 5yrs huh? Been a while

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The ging is back in town.

Hey guys, it's been over two years, TWO FUCKING YEARS since I've done a blog and probably a good year or so since I've been on the site. I've missed a lot, trying to catch up. Sadly the passing of Ryan is what got me to come back. Seeing all of the Twitter posts and love he got made me remember not only how awesome he was but the site and community as a whole was. So here I am, writing this blog.

Quick rundown of what I've been up to the past two years. I graduated from college with a BA in Business with a Management major. I don't play games as much as I used to. Something that has bothered me and a main reason I haven't been on the site but with work, and at the time college, other things seemed more important. I'm trying to catch up, I'm currently playing Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2 (here and there), Ni-No Kuni among others. I can't stop playing MLB The Show mainly cause it's my ultimate relaxing game. I come home from work, open up a beer, put on a MLB game on my MLB.TV app and play some baseball. It's like the ultimate baseballception and I love it. Also, I'm still bowling. That shit will never stop.

I'm absolutely in love in Bioshock Infinite. It has been the spark in hopefully getting me back into video games.

So I'll be posting more regularly here and making a lot more blog posts. If any of you guys remember me, awesome, can't wait to catch up with you guys.

Also feel free to follow me on twitter and instagram where I post very often. Oh and feel free to add me on PSN: taswell

Thanks for reading,


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