Update: Featuring Homefront, Killzone 3, Vanquish and more.


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Shooters, shooters, shooters. That seems like all I have been playing for the longest time recently. It started about Monday night, my friend who just got a PS3 and got Killzone 3 wanted to play online. I played a fair amount of it when it first came out and I do rather enjoy it, but never REALLY got into it all that much. That all kind of changed this week, I played the hell out of it. I played it three hours straight on Wednesday, including about two more after bowling. While my friend struggled, mightily, I found that I don't actually suck at Killzone 3. This week I've bumped my K/D up .3 to .8. Like most others I play as the Infiltrator, which I think is the best class. When you max out its gun you get a very nice three burst assault rifle, which normally took dudes out in about three shots. I beat the story a few weeks ago so I played none of that, but I thought the story of K3 was good. But the multiplayer is the way to go in that game, and really there isn't a more beautiful online game out there.

I rented Homefront from my local game store (and soon to be place of employment, well externship) and pretty much expected the worst. What I got was nothing what
 Click, click, boom. Right?
 Click, click, boom. Right?
everyone was saying. I really enjoyed the single player. It set up a fantastic setting, with a rather interesting story that got my attention. While it didn't do anything new with shooting, it set up a nice "what if" scenario that carries the game a pretty long way. I enjoyed the guns, especially the look and feel of the aiming. The nice change of scenery near the end does a nice job at mixing the gray and dark colors of the city with a nice, bright fall scenery. While I didn't care too much for the online, I got ripped apart the moment I spawned. I don't fully agree with the hate that I have been reading about Homefront. I liked the style, story and controls, just wish the online clicked a little bit more with me.

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I've wanted to play Vanquish for the loooooooooooooooooongest time. I heard it was a short game, so I didn't feel like dropping $60 on it, so I kept waiting and waiting for Gamefly to ship it to me. On Monday, I TOTALLY GOT IT!!! Man I was stoked. I wasn't the biggest fan of the ultra crazy Bayonetta but I'm finding myself really liking Vanquish. While I really have no damn idea what is going on story wise, the shooting is fantastic and it all looks great. Graphically that game moves, real fast, and I haven't had one framerate drop. It is rather short, I'm almost done with it in a day, but it feels like the right length. Any more and I feel I would be burned out on it and the concept couldn't support a 12hr or so game. I'll post more when I actually finish the game.


I've been looking at what I want to do when I finish up my degree in October. I want to go back and learn something new, something I've never learned before. I've been looking into a lot of things like Journalism, web development, and bowling stuff. And the overlying thing I keep coming back to is web development. I've always wanted to learn anything with computers, and this seems like the one that is best for me. I'm looking into some programs to help me teach myself before I start school so I don't look like a total incompetent idiot who knows nothing about it when I start class. I've been using w3schools to learn some basic stuff and I'm understanding the basic stuff so far. Basically what I've learned so far:

<h1>Blah Blah</h1>
<p>Text Text</p>

<a href="http://www.giantbomb.com">
What a great site!</a>


I know that all seems laughable that I only know that much, but I'm really excited about that. I'm struggling with links. I'm still trying to learn exactly what to write when typing in a link. If you guys can give me any help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Any software I should download or books I should get that may help or any tips at all would be awesome. I'm fully invested in this. I'm thinking about going to Indiana Tech for my degree. It's close to home, but far enough that I may be able to move out. Plus it'll accept all my credit from the college I go to now. And I'll try to post more blogs on my current process.

That's it really.

Thanks for reading!