Games I'm REALLY wanting to play.

Games are ordered from most hyped to least. Either way, I want to play them.

List items

  • Me=HUGE Fallout fan. So I'm really looking forward to not only how it will differ from Fallout 3 but how it will continue the canon of the Fallout series.

  • New BioShock game? FUCK YES! People don't seem to bitch when they put out a new CoD game every year but somehow complain when a BioShock game gets put out. I've heard a lot of negative stuff when this game was announced but seriously, the last two BioShock games were unique in their own right and both were great great games. People should trust Levine and the Irrational cause they know what they're doing.

  • I'm a big DBZ fan at heart. I liked the first game and I'm very interested in this one. So excited.

  • Loved the first game. Now I'm really excited for the sequel.

  • A Sony fan's dream.

  • Loved the first game, now lets see if they can best it.