My Favorite Peeps in Gaming

A list of my favorite characters... Enjoy.

List items

  • This is for the new prince. I really liked his quick talk and funny dialogue. Though the fact that he is in probably one of my all time favorite games helps too.

  • Basically see above. He's a pretty funny character and in a game like Dragon Age it helps to have that. He also has a pretty interesting story to tell. In one of my favorite games of the year also comes probably my favorite character of the year.

  • Voiced by Nolan North, also the voice of The Prince. Like the other two, I like him for the funny dialogue he gives in battle. You probably see a theme here with my first three characters.

  • Probably one of the most recognizable characters in gaming, yet he has never had a game really ever named after him. It's always been "Zelda's" game. Bitch.

  • It's.... Kratos....

  • Whoever smokes weed while chopping dudes in-half has to be in this list, badass.