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A solid game that should NOT be missed 12

Allow me to start by saying that Darkest of Days is a solid tradiitonal shooter with terriffic voice work, engaging and fun action, some very good graphics and a fresh and cool story line. It is not a AAA title, but neither is it the piece of crap that Jeff would have you believe. In fact, Darkest of Days may be the freshest FPS I've played all year (and I play a lot of them). The weapons mechanics (new weapons in an old world) leads to terriffic shootouts, like using a future machine gun to mow...

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A Far Better Game- A Great Experience 1

Crysis Warhead is a far, far better game than Crysis. Even if you didn't like Crysis, you should give Warhead a go. The storyline is tremendously good, and it actually makes you care about the characters and the outcome of the game. Shockingly, Psycho's voice becomes endearing, rather than being totally annoying as it was in Crysis. The action is plentiful, well executed and hugely entertaining. The supposed performance boosts were nonexistent for me. I have an 8800 GTS and I could only get the ...

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A Pathetically Bad Game 0

American McGee's Grimm is as pathetic and boring as professional games get. In short, the first edition of this game requires you to walk around using the mouse, while not interacting with other characters directly (all of which are sans personality), and then "buttstomp" an object once you have walked around enough. The highlights of the game are miscast voice acting, a terrible script, and kickers of lines such as "Don't delay, buttstomp away!". The very few moments of time I spent playing Gri...

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