I am sick...really sick, but that won't keep me from my precious.

Hello...most of you probably know that I have been sick since Tuesday. I have been constantly throwing up, so I have stayed home from school for 4 days. I have been making political videos, and watching a bunch of youtube stuff. I have also been gaming. Mercs 2 is getting so ridiculous that I haven't even really touched it. I have played Castle Crashers, and some demos. I might play some Team Fortress 2 or Fifa 08. Besides that not much. Hit me up on XBL for some Co-Op in Castle Crashers if you want. Today though I have to get some procedures on my stomach, and I'm not exactly sure what they are...it might be an endoscopy, because I can't eat. What ever it is I will be here with you guys!!! Watch Mr. Bojangles Awesomeness Live tonight 6 P.M. ET.
Next Week I'll get TFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEY
Happy Gaming