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The End of an Incredible Journey, but not how I expected it to be 0

After having spent nearly 150 hours playing Mass Effect 1, and 70 or so hours playing Mass Effect 2, I was understandably excited to hop right into the final chapter of Bioware's Epic Space Drama, Mass Effect 3. The question now becomes not one of "is the game good", because I think everyone can agree that there has never been any game quite like Mass Effect, that is so well made; however, the question is more "does the game reward those of you who have invested 100s of hours into the Mass Effec...

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Treyarch surprises even me 1

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. I was very skeptical about Black Ops from the time I heard the title was announced. I was very disappointed with Treyarch's other two attempts at Call of Duty, especially Call of Duty 3, and I felt that World at War was really just a WWII Mod of  Call of Duty 4. I felt that Black Ops would be a Cold War mod of Modern Warfare 2, however, I greatly underestimated Treyarch.     First off lets get an overview of everything that's packed onto this sing...

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One of the top 5 greatest games ever... 0

I've played games for a long time, and I've played all of the greats from Starcraft to Half Life 2 to GTA IV to WOW to Resident Evil 4, but now here we are with Modern Warfare 2, the most anticipated game of the decade, will it live up to its expectations, all the hype, all the drama surrounding it; was it worth it???  YES  Visuals: Best multi-system graphics ever  The visuals are astounding. The environments that are created are really amazing, whether its debris flying through the air, or snow...

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Despite Server frustration this is a great game in a great series 0

Everyone played the groundbreaking and mind blowing Battlefield 1942, full of action, variety and pure fun. Now we have Battlefield 1943, a game that takes the same core game play elements, and brings them into the next generation. Gameplay: Fun and variedThe gameplay in Battlefield 1943 is really the big piece of the puzzle for the game, and it fits in nicely. The controls are great like any battlefield game, where they seamlessly move from FPS, to Airplane, to Jeep, to Tank, to Transport Boat....

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Who Cares if it isn't as good as 4, it's still and awesome game!! 0

I have never played Resident Evil 4, despite hearing all the fabulous reviews. I have however played many popular third person shooters, like Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War, and Rainbow Six Vegas, and this ranks the best out of them all. in my books. It mixes exciting action, with nail biting cut scenes, that keep you coming back and wanting more. Graphics: Best on this generationThe game uses the best lighting I've ever seen in a game, whether you're out in the baking African Sun, in a mine, on...

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The greatest shooter multiplayer ever... 0

Call of Duty 3 was a decent game, with nothing special. Call of Duty 4 is a whole other ball game. Infinity Ward is back as the developer, and they have never been better. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare leaves its WWII battlegrounds, (Hence the subtitle Modern Warfare)and heads for the Modern Era. By far the best game of the year. Everyone says the Campaign is short, and they mean it. There aren't a lack of missions, but the missions themselves aren't very long. The first mission can be complete...

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The Best deal ever...with one of the best games ever 0

Valve has tried something different here. They're selling Half Life 2, Half Life 2- Episode 1, Half Life 2- Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal all for the price of one. All of the games are different. All of the games use the excellent Source Engine and All of these are excellent games that will keep you preoccupied for hours. Lets start with Portal . Portal is a really cutting edge amazing game that is just plain brilliant. Portal is a puzzle game where you get a Portal gun. The gun shoot...

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The Best Fantasy RTS since Warcraft 3 0

I spent most of my late elementary and early Middle School years, engrossed in RTS's such as Warcraft 3 and Starcraft. Sooner or later the novelty wore off, and three years later and I switched to consoles, due to the games getting old and outdated.  Every Year I hoped and prayed that Starcraft 2, or Warcraft 4 would come out, but I never got my wish. (Well not exactly, because Starcraft II is on the way). Instead I got Dawn of War II, a game that lacks story, but makes up for it, in unique  and...

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The Greatest RTS game ever... 0

As old as it is, and as outdated as it is Starcraft is a must play game. There is no denying Blizzard's brilliance in the developing of this game. Perfection is a good word to describe this game, because eleven years after its release, I still have zero issues with the game, and I still play it.Gameplay: BrilliantThe briliance behind Starcrafts excellent gameplay, lies in how different the three races, the Zerg, Terran and Protoss are, yet they are so balanced. The zerg can do things that Terran...

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It's all in the developers name......Epic 0

     This game is what I like to call just pure unadulterated fun. Get Gears of War 2.The visuals are probably the best I've ever seen in any game. They're crisp. They look amazing, but the biggest thing for me is that they're much improved over Gears 1. The sound is excellent, the weapons sound great all the crushes and clashes, and the score is amazing. The score takes the game to a whole new epic level. The story is incredible, and you really get engrossed in it. They through the " emotional ...

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Value at it's best... 1

Age of Booty is Capcom and Certain Affinity's strategy game. Let me just say right off the bat: they've blown all other XBL and PSN arcade games out of the water (no pun intended).Clocking in at only 800 microsoft points, or roughly Ten dollars, Age of Booty is worth every penny. The game has a very user friendly control system, that really only requires one to two minutes of your time to learn the basic controls. You move around by clicking on Squares, or hexes as the game calls them. You battl...

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... 0

    In 2006 Ubisoft released the all popular "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas" an intricate, squad based, first person shooter, that gamers everywhere embraced. Now the Rainbow Squad is back, and they're better than ever.      Vegas 2  looks really...really good. The textures are great, and the charecter models are crisp and even. The game takes you through some really neat environments ranging from Vegas to Mexico, and all the  way to France. No matter where you are the visuals will always be al...

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Mercenaries eww: World in Flames...Could have been so much more 0

Giyanks22 Mercenaries 2: World in Flames ReviewGamertag: Giyanks22Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a game that has a totally open world environment, but unfortunately doesn't deliver on every level. The story is unoriginal and boring. You are going after a Salano, a Venezuelan, who has a lust for power, and tries to take over the country. The game  strays away from the story, because it takes you forever to move the plot along. You have three mercenaries to play as, but the story is the same fo...

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Soul Caliber IV ? Is fun... 0

I went into this game thinking that it would be another Soul Caliber fighting game. The game is very...revealing for a lack of a better term. Yes Ivy and Taki have very large breasts, but that is one of the few downsides for me. The biggest disappointment for me is Yoda. Yoda is really unfair, and doesn't seem to fit right. Overall a decent game. 3 1/2....

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Just Too Short 0

I first heard about this game around Christmas time when I was watching the Bourne Ultimatum on DVD. They had a trailer for it in the Ultimatum. I was always complaining that there wasn't a game about Jason Bourne. Well I got my wish, and it is a pretty good answer to my prayers. The Bourne Conspiracy has some incredible cinematic scenes, with graphics that are the best i have seen in a game I have played (I haven't played Metal Gear 4 Solid, so don't yell at me). The games regular 3D engine is...

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An increidlbly immersive game 0

Mass Effect is probably the one of if not, the best RPG ever. It has a few minor issues, like lack of save points, and  a poor exploration vehicle, but everyone makes mistakes. This is probably the best looking game to date. The graphics are all incredibly  realistic, and the voice acting is top notch. Every single line of dialog your character says is voice acted, The action takes place in real time, but note this game is not shooter. You need to play it as an RPG, or else you will die. You get...

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