Polygon: The Movie

Most of you are probably now familiar with the documentary called Press Reset: The Story of Polygon, which is about Polygon's "journey" making the site. The trailer is seen as many as ridiculous, but for me...well I was reminded of another documentary about video games that recently came out. So I made this:

Yes, I made this extremely late at night and there are some messy parts, and of course the audio isn't synced up with their mouths at all (except for one perfect moment), but it is odd how perfectly it works. Obviously, I did a lot of editing and moving around of scenes, but the overall tone of the two are extremely similar. I feel like the Polygon team drew a lot of inspiration from Indie Game: The Movie, even down to the "this is our livelihood on the line" tone. But comparing the creation of a website, while I imagine is difficult and could be risky, is no where near the effort that goes into making a Video Game.

At the same time, I do believe that it will be interesting to watch, because there are probably more factors that go into creating such a site than many of us know. People on the forums have compared it to How to Build a Bomb, which is, while a similar concept, way more humble and seems like more of a way to show the users what goes down in making a website, instead of "Dramatic website building".

Well guys, that was my strange and sporadic blog post. I just wanted to get my thoughts on this matter down, and to share my creation. Hope you enjoyed, and if not, I apologize :).


Grant742's Best of 2011

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I really, really liked Oblivion. I really, really liked Fallout 3. So, I sort of assumed that I would really, really like Skyrim. And, well, I did. But it also somehow managed to blow my mind. It has such a vast amount of content, that at times you feel completely overwhelmed. You can set off into the woods, find a cave, a lost mask, a magical sword, a crazy old man, and THEN get to the spot of your quest. It will take many hours for me to finally feel done with Skyrim, and even then, I will want to start again.

2. Portal 2

I never imagined that the sequel to a small, funny puzzle game would turn into something so large and awesome. Many times longer and funnier than the original, Portal 2 is a great puzzle game. Also featuring an amazing, and at times infuriating, co-op that is a ton of fun to play with a friend, this game has tons of content. One of the best games of the year.

3. Battlefield 3

The very first Battlefield game that I played was 2142. Since then, I have played every Battlefield game release, excluding BF Heroes. Now, Battlefield 3 is out, and it is awesome. Massive maps, with 64 players, causes some amazing chaos. Planes are flying overhead, buildings are exploding, people are dying, and some sniper in the hills is shooting at you. Oh, there's also a tank coming behind you, shooting at everything that it can see. And that's Battlefield 3.

4. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

I'm not gonna lie, I went into this year thinking that this would, with out a doubt, be my game of the year. Uncharted 2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, but in this...something just felt off. I'm sure reading IGN's 10 review, or Giant Bomb's 5 star review, didn't help as I starting feeling disappointment. And as I went through the amazing set pieces, I couldn't help saying to myself "This would be so much cooler if I didn't know about it." Still, this game is amazing. Like I said before, the set pieces are awe inspiring, and some of the best that I have seen ever. Though the combat is infuriating, it is easy to look past it when there is a great story and characters.

5. Saints Row: The Third

If you try to go into this game being completely serious, you are doing everything wrong. This game is just plain fun. It captures that same super fun aspect as Just Cause 2, and it is fun just to go around the city and mess around. Co-op only adds to the experience, and its impossible to not find a broad smile on your face as everything blows up around you and you put on a ridiculous costume.

6. DiRT 3

I almost forgot about this game when thinking of my top ten games. But when I remembered it, I got really excited. I really, really like this game. It is one of my favorite racing games ever, and it is incredibly well made. From sleek menus to amazing visuals, this game completely impresses.

7. Batman: Arkham City

I really like the first Batman game. Because of that, I came into this with very high expectations, and because of that I felt slightly disappointed at first. As I went, though, I enjoyed this game more and more. Although it doesn't capture the same love that I had for the first game, I still liked it a lot.

8. Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Although I agree that the once a year Assassin's Creed is starting to wear thin, I still really like Assassin's Creed. There is plenty of stabbing to be had here, and some of the set pieces are really cool. Though I would also like to see them spend two years on one to put in new ideas, I still really enjoy face-and-neck stabbing.

9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I'll admit it; I never played the first Deus Ex. With that out of the way, I can say that I really enjoyed this game. It provides fun stealth, good action, and a cool story line. The "augmentations" feature keeps you wanting to play, and eventually you feel pretty bad ass with your augmentations.

10. Magicka

This little game came out in January, so by now it should be easy to forget about. But when I was thinking of games that I enjoyed, I immediately thought of this little indie game. It provides great coop and vs play, along with a, at times, funny story to follow. It is also incredibly fun to try to come up with more and more spells to combine.


Minecraft: Why is it So Much Fun?

You may have heard of a little, unpopular game called Minecraft.  Last I heard, only four other people played it besides me.  What's that? 3 million people play Minecraft!?  Wow.  Why do so many people play a game with no obvious objective, blocky graphics, and weird trees that you can knock down with your fist? 
Because it's so much fun. 
To an outsider, Minecraft seems stupid.  It's once you start playing when you realize how addicting and fun it is.  Why though?  Let's take a look.

When You First Start

There's a reason why it's amazing to watch a new players play.  Well, actually there's two reasons.  It's really cool to see them discover that you can hit a tree, that you have to build a house before night, that there are tons of crafting recipes, etc.  The second reason is that most of us remember when we were the new player, trying to knock down the tree, but not holding the mouse button down.   We remember how cool it was to discover all of the layers of Minecraft.  You just start in an empty world, where you can do, build, and create almost anything that you can imagine.  Ever wanted to build a giant bridge?  Well you can.  Ever wanted to recreate the USS Enterprise?  Well, you can.  

Two Ways to Play

 Minecraft can be played two ways, Survival and Creative.  That said, you can mix the two together quite easily.  If you were to play on a server where there are no mobs and you can give yourself items, this would be considered Creative.  The focus is solely on making awesome stuff.  Then there's Survival, which is what Single Player is (unless you turn the difficulty down to "Peaceful")  There are also servers that have mobs and damage on, but people still manage to build amazing stuff.  There's just more danger put into the game. 

Singleplayer and Multiplayer

 Singleplayer is great.  You have to focus on surviving by yourself.  But eventually, you just want to build.  But, when you build something awesome in singleplayer, who will see it?  Just you.  So then there's multiplayer.  Where you can create amazing stuff for other people to see.  It's great to be able to take the great time you had in singleplayer, but then have it with your friends in mulitplayer.  There are many great servers out there for you to join.  One of the best things to do when you join a big multiplayer server for the first time is to just walk around, looking at all of the great things that people built.   

The Thriving Community

 If you go to Youtube and type in "Mi"  the third thing on the list that pops up is Minecraft.  If you search "Minecraft"  then you will find pages and pages of videos.  There are Let's Play's, Music videos, Skits, Mod Spotlights, and many more.  Then there's Minecraft news sites, forums, sites dedicated to Minecraft Skins, whatever you can think of, they probably have it.  The community for Minecraft is great. 

Minecraft is great

  At one point in this song, they singer says "You never know what you will find, shaping a world that's in your mind."  That is why Minecraft is awesome.  You can create whatever you can think of.  It's amazing 

From Bronze to Gold: A StarCraft 2 Quest: 8/10/11


 Hello everyone and welcome to From Bronze to Gold: A StarCraft 2 Quest (FBTG: A SC2 Quest?), my journey from the bottom of the bronze league to, eventually, gold league.  So, before we get into this, I want to announce that for now on this will be every Wednesday, because I didn't really have a set date before.  But now I do, so it will keep me consistent and force me to keep playing. 
Well, I only played four games since the last time I wrote.  I am currently rank 46 bronze, which is quite a jump from the last time I wrote, when I was rank 97.  That said, I still have a long ways to go until I reach Silver league.  So, here's what happened in those games: 

Game One

Always build Marines. 
Always build Marines. 
This was my first game since being placed, so I was slightly nervous.  It didn't help that the loading screen said that my opponent was favored, which, in my opinion, is never a good sign.    He was Zerg and I was, as always, Terran.   The game started off normally, with me doing my usual stuff.   He tried an early Zergling rush, which I held off with ease.  I was building Marines, Marauders, and Hellions.  He saw this, and started building Banelings.  I decided to start attacking his base, so I sent my army over.  
 As I was about to attack, he came from behind and started attacking my base with Mutalisks.  This scared me, making me think it would have to be a race to destroy each others bases.  But I had a few units left there, and they managed to buy me time.  I  destroyed a small group of Zerglings, and went up the ramp, attacking his base.   Eventually, he had an army of Zerglings and Banelings coming. 
I quickly split up my army, so I would decrease the effectiveness of the Banelings.  It worked, and they only took out a couple of my
I split up my army. 
I split up my army. 
guys.  He had another round of Banelings come in, but I just did the same thing.  I destroyed his base and won the game.  I exited the game and found out that he had been Rank 12 Bronze, and that  I had shot up to rank 51. 
Overall I think I did very good in this game.  I was proud that I had managed to split my army up, because if I hadn't I probably would have had a much harder time, and maybe even lost to those Banelings. 

Game Two

Yeah, you better run! 
Yeah, you better run! 
I started this game right after the first one, feeling slightly more confident.  The loading screen came up, and it told me that he would be Terran.  It also informed me that he was favored.  It made me slightly more nervous, but I had just beaten someone who was favored, right? 
So the game started a lot like the last one; I went my standard build order, making marines, marauders, and hellions.  Eventually,  I scanned his base, and saw only a few marines, so I assumed he would be attacking shortly.  I waited awhile, but nothing came.  Once again I scanned his base, and saw three Medivacs leaving his base and going straight towards mine.   I got ready for his attack, posting three groups of units around the perimeter of my base.  He dropped units off, only to meet my units right there.  I quickly had him retreating.  Then I gathered my units and attacked, overwhelming him.  I managed to defeat his army, and win the game.  After the game I looked, and he was not yet ranked for Season 3.  Also, I got up to rank 24.  I was doing pretty good. 
 Before I move on to game three, I would like to point out some things I noticed while watching the replay for this game.  The first was, this guy wasn't very good.  This, of course, made me feel worse about my victory.  Here, I'll show you.  
After only a little bit of fighting, this was his entire army: 
No Caption Provided

 At almost the exact same time, here was my entire army:
No Caption Provided
 If you look closely at the top image, you will see that his supply is at 48.  Mine is at 113.  Which makes it even harder for me to say this: 
I almost lost.
Yes.  I almost lost the game because of my stupidity.  You see, when our armies attacked each other, he was inside of his base, and I was outside of it.  Even though I was still attacking him fine, I tried to force my units up the ramp, stopping them from attacking his units.  I barely had an army by the time I defeated all of his units.   I felt that I did pretty good most of the game, but at that moment I did terrible.  Anyways, on to game three.  

Game Three

 This time it said that we were even teams and that he was Protoss.  After two wins, I was feeling very confident.  Now, this game was interesting, and pretty fun.  It once
That didn't work. 
That didn't work. 
 again started off normally.  I sent an early attack, which got quickly destroyed.  He had a good forwards defense, so I decided to sneak around back with some Medivacs, and drop into the back of his base.   It was going pretty good, until an absolutely massive army of Stalkers, Colossi, and Void Rays.  I had no idea how he had gotten such a huge army.  I started turtling like crazy, setting up a big line Missile Turrets, with a bunch of Marine, Marauders, Battle Cruisers, Thors, and Vikings behind them.  Eventually I reached 200 supply, so I upgraded a  lot of my units.   
Then he attacked.  It was crazy, two huge armies facing each other.  By then he also   
had a Mothership to go along with his huge army.  After a large battle, I somehow managed to hold it off, with only a few units left at the end.  I started rebuilding units, and of course go to his base because I had just destroyed his army.  I am greeted by a bunch of Photon Cannons.  I go back to my base, thinking that I would just build more units, but eventually he pushes with another sizable army somehow.  He easily defeats mine and destroys my base.  But, I still had bases on the other side of the map.   I decided to have a bit of fun, and started building about six planetary fortresses.  Unfortunately,  he quickly found them and destroyed them before they were finished.  And so I lost game three.  He was rank 24 bronze, and I was pushed down to rank 30. 

Game Four

The final game was short and weird.  He was Protoss, and the teams were even.  Early in the game, I sent out a small army of Marines and Marauders to do a little bit of damage.  Turns out, he sent out a small army of Zealots and Stalkers to do a little bit of damage to me at about the exact same time.  In fact, and I didn't notice this until
 watching the replay, our armies passed each other, except we both went on different sides of a rock, so we didn't see each other.  It felt almost cartoonish.   
Well, we attacked each other at the same time, and I lifted my command center off and flew it away, so I wouldn't be completely destroyed.  My army was doing great.  Until the Probes attacked.  I was stupid, and had terrible unit control.  The stupid Probes destroyed most of my units.   
Long story short, I managed to destroy most of his building, but then he built a new Nexus in my old base.  I landed a barracks in the middle of the map, and tried cranking out marines.  Eventually I only had a floating Command Center, and he got Phoenix's.  Then my command center was destroyed and the game was over.  I was pushed down to rank 46. 


Here are the replays for all four games if you would like to look at them.  Oh, and by the way, my SC2 username is GJSnoMan, just so you know which one is me.
Game One:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MI12B0YD
Game Two: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z8E2FFMR
Game Three: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LYTF3P08 
Game Four: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VSLCB7GO

Well, that's all for now

That's it for this week.  Sorry if it was too long, or too short, or had too many pictures, or not enough pictures; I'm new to this.  If you have a problem I would be happy to fix it next time.  Any advice or tips are welcome.  I would also like to give a shout out to Killboy777 for showing me a Day 9 video, which helped me a lot.   
To everyone in Bronze League, remember: 
I believe in you 

The Return of From Bronze to Gold: A StarCraft 2 Quest


Remember this? 
Remember this? 
Hello!  About a month ago, I started on a quest.  I, who was in the bronze league in StarCraft 2, wanted to eventually work my way up to the gold league, and document my journey in a series of blog posts.  I wrote my first blog, detailing the quest.  I played a bunch of games in the span of one week, it was going great.  I even had pictures ready for the next blog.  But then...I stopped playing StarCraft 2.  I had been on an eight game loosing streak, and I just wasn't feeling it anymore.  A month passed, every once in awhile I thought of maybe writing a new post, or playing at least one game.  But now I plan on getting back into StarCraft 2.  In fact, at the moment, it is minimized on my desktop.  I have not played the game in a long time, and I am about to jump into my placement match for season 3.  Wish me luck. 
Here we go! 
Here we go! 
Annnd I'm back from the game.  This game was very short, and reminded me that a month away from StarCraft 2 is not a good thing.  I had a late start to my build, and was very bad about managing my minerals.  Overall I did terribly.  One of the worst matches I've played.  Everything that I did was bad. 
This was much later into the game than it should have been 
This was much later into the game than it should have been 
 But I won.
That's right.  I won the game.  I did terribly, but I managed to win.  I did an early rush with a couple of marines and marauders.  Eventually they were killed off, but by that time I had another round of them on the way.  He only had some marines, and eventually a hellion to protect his base.  If I hadn't rushed, I would have almost definitely lost.    He GG'd, and I excitedly quit to see what my rank was.  I mean, I had won my placement match, so it must be high!  
The page comes up, I read "Victory!" My eyes go to the right and... 
Rank 97 Bronze. 
I mean, I know he must have been terrible, but I couldn't help feeling disappointed about going from rank 40 to rank 97.  I have a long ways to go until gold league.  My short term goal is Silver league, but after that, I want to get into the gold league.  Well, that is all for now, I will be playing more over the next week, and writing something else up soon.   
Everyone who is also in bronze, remember: 
I believe in you 

From Bronze to Gold: A StarCraft 2 Quest: 6/30/11


I made a banner, so you know it's legit. 
I made a banner, so you know it's legit. 
 Hello, Giant Bombers.  I have a problem.  What is this problem?  Well, I suck at a game you might have hear of.  The game is called StarCraft 2.  Before I jump into this, I'm going to give you some back story. 
I never played StarCraft 1.  I was aware of it, but I never got it.  Around September of last year, I decided to pick up it's sequel, StarCraft 2.  I played through the entire campaign, completely ignoring the multiplayer.  When I finally finished the awesome campaign, a couple of months after I started, I decided to try and jump into 1v1.  I played my placement matches, only winning one of them.  I was placed in the bottom of the bronze league.  And the bronze league is where I have been ever since.  I've played Starcraft 2 off and on since then, getting higher and higher in Bronze.  In fact, at one point, I was ranked 10 in bronze and improving.  But then tragedy struck.  I stopped playing Starcraft.  Here I am, several months later, rank 40 in Bronze and sucking again.  Well, I am on a quest to get out of bronze league.  Not only that, but eventually reach Gold league.  Silver is just the temporary goal.     
So, that's that.  Now forwards to the stuff that happened today.  It won't be that exciting right now, since I just started.   
Anyways, today I played two games.  I know what you're thinking, "Two games!  That's crazy, how can you play that much!?" I know, I know, calm down.  Two whole games.  At this rate I'll be Grandmasters in no time.  I won the first one and lost the second one.  

Game One

 So , this game was versus Zerg, and I felt like I did very good.  He was favored.   I play Terran, by the way.  Anyways, I started off with a standard build, marine marauder, and attacked his base quickly.  By that time I had 4 barrack's and one factory.  I started attacking his base, and was successful until a huge army of roaches came from behind me.  Seeing this, I start to pump out marauders and siege tanks like crazy, and I held off his attack.  Seeing that I had mostly units that couldn't shoot air, he started making mass Mutalisks.  With a lucky scan in his base, I spotted them, and then started making  as many Thors, Vikings, and Marines as I could.  He started harassing me with the mutas, but I had enough to make him retreat.  I built a couple of missile turrets, but he still kept harassing me.   
Then he disappeared for awhile, and I decided to send my army of thors, marines, marauders, siege tanks, and vikings out.  I start attacking his base, and he has quite a few roaches, but I managed to take them out.  But just as I started to attack his base, he starts attacking mine.  It was a race to see who would destroy who's base first.  But, I had enough minerals, so I built more expansions, for the sole reason to survive longer.  His army attacking my base was only mutalisks, so my missile turrets destroyed them all, a long with a couple of left behind marines.  I destroyed his base, and he GG'd out.  Game one was a win.

Game Two

 This one was against another Terran.  It was a standard build for both of us.  I tried to banshee harass, and killed some of his workers.  But then he sent out his huge army.  We both had marine marauder, but his army was bigger.  I killed quite a few of them with banshees, but it wasn't enough.  He overwhelmed my army, and defeated me.  This one is short because the game was short. 

So...What now?

 Well, I guess I'm done with my first entry in the series.  Sorry if it sucked, next time I will have pictures, more games, and maybe video.  I am rank 37 right now I believe.   
This isn't a daily thing, or even weekly.  It's just every once in awhile, when something important happens. 
And to all of the other bronze player out there I believe in you. 

Giant Bomb: Origins (Video)

I have been working on this for awhile.  It is a trailer for a fake movie called Giant Bomb: Origins.  I hope you like it.  I had a lot of fun making it, and it was cool looking at all of the old How to Build a Bomb videos. Just to clear things up this is NOT a real movie.  


My thoughts on the Mass Effect Series (Spoilers)

A couple of months ago I started to get interested in the Mass Effect series.  I had never played either game, and had somehow never even heard of the original until the second came out.  I still virtually ignored Mass Effect 2 for some reason.  Then I watched a trailer for it, read Brad's review, and learned that it was made by the same company as SW: KOTOR, a game I really enjoyed in its time.  I started to really want these games.  THEN, I saw they were both only 20 dollars, and I couldn't resist buying them.  And so I started playing Mass Effect 1 

Mass Effect 1:

Coming into this game three years late, I thought it wouldn't be very great.  When I started playing, I wasn't very amazed.  The story and universe were good, but thats where it stopped.  The shooting was merely okay, and the inventory was bad.  I played through a couple of hours, thinking it was alright. 

And then I got to the Mako. 
The Mako was just plain bad.  At first I thought ti was okay, but then I started to get very sick of it.  And then, on the snowy level, I just couldn't take it.  I stopped playing Mass Effect.  For several weeks it went untouched, until one day I was bored so I decided to try again.  I managed to get through that part, and after that I became hooked.  The story was just so amazing.  I eventually got to the very good ending with 17 hours clocked in (I skipped all the side quests) 

Aweome Story Moments:

It's hard remembering the story after playing through the second one.  Maybe I should've written this as soon as I finished the game.... (Mad Spoilers) 

Attack on the Citadel (Ending): 

This part is amazing.  There are some excellent cutscenes and epic fights.  Going into the protal with the Mako to get to the Citadel is pretty cool (not to metion the Mako also gets completly totalled, which is a happy moment).  The final boss battle is pretty good, and the cutscene where a ship hits where Sheperd and Co. are is awesome (I was afraid Ashley had died), though it was obvious Sheperd was still alive.  Maybe it wouldn't be if the second game hadn't already come out. 
I can't really think of many.  I'm not saying there aren't cool moments, it's just that I just played Mass Effect 2.  One of the other cool moments that I can remember is blowing up the krogan facility. 



The Choices:

Going into Mass Effect, I decided two things: one was that I wasn't going to pick the choices just cause I knew they were the "good choices", I was going to pick the choice that felt right.  And second was that no matter what happened, I would stick with my Sheperd and never go back to a different save just because I picked a bad choice.   
Truthfully I can't really remember all of the big choices in Mass Effect 1, but here's the one's I do remember (Mad Spoilers) 

Kayden or Ashley 

I hated this part, but I LOVED this part.  I hated that I had to choose between Ashley or Kayden, and I loved the fact that the game was making me choose who survived!  It sucked so bad, sitting there contemplating the decision.   I knew that forever onwards whoever I chose not to save would never be in the series again.  My thought process: 
"Kayden is good in battle" 
"Ashley is also good in battle, interesting, and obviously a love interest" 
"Kayden whines sometimes" 
"Ashley can be annoying" 
"Kayden's been there since the start" 
"Ashley has almost been there from the start" 
"Okay...I should save Ashley" 
"Goodbye Kayden" 

Kill Wrex or Not 

This was one of my favorite moments in the game.  It was very intense.  I liked Wrex, so I didn't want to have to kill him.  But I knew if he got too angry he would attack, and that would be the end of him.  I don't have much to say about this part, except it was AWESOME. 

Save the Council or Let Them Die 

This is the only decision where afterwards I was like "Holy crap, what did I just do!?"  I knew it would be right to save the council.  I knew that was what I should've done.  But man, the entire game they were SUCH DICKS to Sheperd.  It was their fault the attack on the Citidel was even happening in the first place.  So I chose not to try and save them.  I left them to die.  At the time it seemed like a good idea, but when the cutscene showing their ship blowing up I felt I had made a bad choice.  
Overall I really enjoyed Mass Effect.  Sure it had it's problems but the story in it was amazing and there were some really cool moments in it.  If anyone is thinking of playing Mass Effect 2, deffinatly play the original first, it's worth it.   I'm going to write about Mass Effect 2 soon, just not now cause that would make this blog post really long and I'm tired. 


Let's Minecraft: The Beginning

Hello everyone.  This is the beggining of a series of blogs about, you guessed it, Minecraft.  I will be starting

Don't go into the dark!
Don't go into the dark!
a new world(s) and writing about my adventures in it.  If this gets a good repsonse than I'll write more!  Let's start right away with day 1. 
My starting location
My starting location
I start in a small sandy area.  In front of me is what appears to be a forest covered in snow.  To my left and right are hilly areas.  I decide to go straight.  After walking only a few feet, I find an alcove.  This will be my home.  But first things first, I have to cut down some trees, and there's no shortage of them around.  I destroy one tree and am trying to reach wood that is high up when, ouch.  I fell into an unseen hole, which luckily has many exists.  But I lost several hearts.   Minutes later I see a cave and decide I want to check it out.   
Never check out a cave with out torches.  I make the same mistake as before and fall into an unseen hole.  This one is deeper.  I land in a cavern, I'm not sure how big it is.  I can barely see anything.  That's when I make out the shape of something.  Something tall, something moving straight towards me.  I can't escape.  It follows me till I have no where to run.  Behind me is a wall and in front of me is the monster.  There is no escape.  Foolishly, yet knowing there is no other way, I run forward and hit the creature.  There is a hissing noise.  I am blown back several feet, and I know it is the end.  Red fills my screen and I can hear the triumphent noise of other monsters in the dark. 

Late to the party

Yes, Mass Effect DID come to Steam early 2008.  And yes, I STILL haven't played it or it's sequel.  This is all about to change.  As I sit here typing this in my dark room with only a lamp to light it, Mass Effect is downloading.  After I play that, I shall play Mass Effect 2.  I may be late to the party, but the party is deffinatly still going.  So, people of Giant Bomb, I come to you with a single, important question.  Should I go with the default Shepard?    
I only ask this because I am afraid if I customize my own character, it will look really bad.  As if the face is plastered on the body of a different person.  Is it so?  Or does it look natural?