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Best of 2010

My Best of 2010! I still haven't played all of the 2010 games I want to yet (Resonance of Fate is on it's way from Amazon as I write this), mostly because I don't buy as many new games and GameFly takes a while for new releases to become available. But the ones I have played have been pretty damn awesome.
Honorable Mentions:

  • Super Street Fighter IV - Would be on here but I just didn't play it that much
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX - I S ranked and loved, but I would have played it a lot more if those achievements weren't as easy as they were. I got them all in 2 playings. I never even knew there were other tables than the Champion 2 until after I got all of them!

List items

  • This game was a totally different experience than the first game. One of the best games I have ever played. The graphics are amazing, the story keeps you wanting more and the gameplay is great and fun. Best of the year for me.

  • I just finished this game and I really wish I picked it up when it first came out because it is great. One of those games that you just don't want to put down even after hours of straight play. Certain presses and movements had me a little confused for a while but eventually I figured it out. This should be played by everyone who has access to a PS3 because it is one of the best told stories in a video game. I just wish they had American voice actors! What a terrible Boston accent haha.

  • I don't know why everyone has so much hate for this game. I absolutely loved it and plan on playing it again very soon. People complain about it being linear but that is exactly why I loved it. I don't have time to explore every inch of the world. I want to get to the boss and get more story. I loved the characters world and the game in general. Definitely in my top 5 Final Fantasy games. Probably even my top 5 RPGs.

  • Another game that received some hate. Which I really don't understand. Sure, it isn't the original BioShock, but the gameplay was better than the first. One hand magic, one hand weapon. Just sayin.

  • Yeah, Call of Duty is a yearly game for me. I love the multiplayer. Although I took a little break to play some single player games I will be back. Speaking of single player, I actually think this one is pretty damn great. All the secrets on that computer are awesome too.

  • I hated the first Bad Company for some reason. Maybe because when I finally got it everyone on my friends list was pretty much done. When I picked this up I wound up playing for a month or 2 online and that was some of the best multiplayer I have ever played. My 2 friends and I got so good at playing team deathmatch that the 3 of us could take out a whole team. The story of the single player was actually pretty awesome too.

  • Yeah, I know. Why is this on my list? As glitchy as messed up as the game is (why can Michael Thornton go invisible?), I've got to say I had A LOT of fun with the story and choices. It was a little silly going invisible and stealth killing a whole room but the interactions were well worth it. I actually want to play this one again.

  • It's Madden. It gets better every year. I buy it. I play it. I love it.

  • I was pleasantly surprised and addicted to this game for a while. It's fun to see what people have made. The kart racing is damn good too. Kinda want to play it right now.

  • I'm probably about half way through this right now. I need to go back and finish it. The original game is amazing. This is more of the same.