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Best of 2011

I totally forgot to do the Official List, so I will do it now just cause I'm interested what I even played this year.

BTW, this is a really sad list...

List items

  • I LOVED THIS STORY MODE. This is an example of how all fighting game story modes should be. I was into the fighting for a while too but when I took a break and came back I got destroyed. I'll throw it on sometime.

  • Played this over the Summer while I was away on vacation. My first time every playing FF IV. I liked it a lot, although the story doesn't compare anywhere close to FF VI and beyond. I beat the game and played through all of the side stories except 1 or 2. Now that I think of it, I should go back and finish them.

  • I got sucked into this game. I am probably 40ish hours in (it's been a while). I thought I was near the end, but when I looked at my progress, I'm around half. I had to take a break. As much as I love it, I don't know If I can go back.

  • I really liked this game a lot. It was fun and kinda funny. I wish the multiplayer was better though. I only played it for a day or so.

  • This game hooks you. It is the reason I haven't turned it on in a while. When I play, it is a minimum 2-3 hours. I play it here and there and love it.

  • I like this game, it just got to be a little boring. I didn't finish it, but I want to.

  • There seems to be a theme with me not finishing games. I was so extremely pumped for this game. I think I just had a lot going on when I got it. I like the puzzle stuff and the story. Honestly, I forgot I have this...maybe I'll go back and finish it soon.

  • Surprisingly I played this only for a few weeks. I haven't turned it for basically the whole season. Maybe I'm just losing interest in the same thing every year.

  • This is on here, but it really shouldn't be. I rented it from GameFly like I've done with the last few COD games. The only difference is I played the shit out of MW2 and BLOPS, and "kept" it when the price was nice enough. I played this for a week or 2, haven't played it since. The other day I sent it back so I can play Saints Row The Third. I think I'm tired of everything....I didn't even play the Story mode! Usually I do that first. BLOPS was a great game, I guess this is too, I just don't know If I care anymore. I'll buy it when it's like $30 or I get the itch for an FPS Multiplayer, since no other FPS games handle it well.

  • Honestly, for the second time, I couldn't really get into the fighting system in this series. It was fun for a little, but it's on here because I haven't played anything that is worthy for a top ten.