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Best of 2012

Order is up. It's the new year, but I'll finish the write up for each game, and probably post a blog on it.

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  • The only game this year that I thought about while I was away. I constantly wanted to play this game. I enjoyed it immensely; everything from the story to the combat. It's my GOTY.

  • By itself Diablo 3 is fun enough. The real reason this made my number 2 spot, was because of my friends. I constantly had 2 of my closest friends and on of their co-workers playing with me. It got to the point where I went out and picked up a Blue Snowball mic (which my friends said I creepily sounded as if I were in the same room as them, since I sounded so clear), so I could join in on skype (not a big PC gamer). We had a lot of fun for about a month before they all started complaining about how the game's leveling and loot system sucked. I didn't mind it. I want to play more, I just haven't really thought about it until now.

  • What an experience this game was. I played through it in one sitting, then immediately played through it 2 more times. I even came back a week later for that trophy and played it again. Amazing world, look, feel, music!, everything. Just an amazing experience.

  • I had thought that this would be my GOTY, but while the story telling in The Walking Dead is amazing and the gameplay was mostly enjoyable, I didn't have that much "fun" playing it. It was more of an interactive expereince, one that I enjoyed and one that I wanted to see how it played out. Each episode was the right amount and I played each one in a single sitting. But when I was done with an episode, I definitely needed some time away. It may have been just because of the experience and the way the story unfolded, but I don't think a game that did that to me, can be my #1 game of the year. I should want to be playing it every second of my free time and only one game this year did that for me.

  • I had kind of forgotten about SSX. I don't remember it being mentioned in any of the GOTY podcasts, although, I still have to get through the personal top 10 lists. I just really had fun playing this game. It looked great, played great, had great music and use of sound (Young Blood, I Can't Stop or Houdini

  • Top 10

  • Top 10

  • Haven't finish campaign. Played a lot of multiplayer. Played more the last few days. Stupidly bought the DLC and there are only like 10 people playing on the mode I don't really like.

  • Need to finish Campaign.

  • Need to play more.