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  • The whole reason I got a Playstation over an N64, and I never even played an RPG before or knew what kind of game FFVII was, I just remember one of my friends talking about how awesome it is.

  • I remember going into Toys 'R Us so my mom could buy it for me (since I was in middle school). I remember finding Final Fantasy Anthology and my mom saying "Oh do you want this one? It's cheaper." I think I may actually like this better than 7 but I played through 7 many more times.

  • This is the game that got me into FPSs. I still never made it to Elite, but I remember on Attack and Defend on Calipso, my clan was accused of cheating because the Attackers never touched the package. Sometimes as the Attacking team, we would put the package in the slot machine spawn, and still win, just because we were bored.

  • I used to have a summer house in New Hampshire. We were in town one day and I saw this, brand new in some pharmacy store. I bought it (I even had my old PSX up with me) and it became one of my favorite fighters. World Tour mode is just so awesome, and so many characters to choose from!

  • Back in High School one of my groups of friends always played Smash Brothers, but we would also sometimes play Soul Calibur 2. I had it on PS2, but we always played on Gamecube, I never could get used to the controller, but had so much fun.

  • I bought a PS3 specifically for this game. I love it.

  • Before I owned this for SNES I remember going to the local video rental store and renting this for a day or 2. I remember one time playing with my dad at night and he told me to stop cheating (aka throwing hadukens).

  • I would play Marvel Vs Capcom with my friends on Dreamcast. When I heard there was a 2nd game coming out on PS2 I asked for it for Christmas. I love this game even though as xbox live shows me, I'm terrible. I'm still unlocking the last few characters on the PS2 version.

  • I'd never imagine I'd like this game so much. I literally could not stop playing it. I finally finished my first play through (including all 3 DLC missions) at around 52 hours. I have Awakening but haven't haven't played it in a long time. I think I'm half way through.

  • I think this has to be on this list for the fact that I put so many hours into it, and actually S ranked it but still have to go back and finish the final DLC.

  • This game needs to be on this list. This is how an adventure game should be.

  • I had my problems with the first game. I played half of it, sold it, then bought it again, played half and stopped again. Right before this came out I finished the rest and started immediately on this game and WOA what a difference! Mass Effect 2 is a special game. The graphics, game play and story blew me away. I don't know why I didn't have it on this list as soon as I finished it, but it is here now.